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Why can't one link to a numeric address (like [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Are any IP address links valid in posts? I found a question that mentioned a site, with an address that showed up as plain text. I tried to link it, but the edit didn't go ...
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Implement OData API for Stack Overflow

The request is simple Implement the OData API for Stack Overflow sites Benefits: It's a standard API. OData allows the Stack Overflow database to be queried and navigated for questions, users, ...
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Allow suppression of automatic linking of web addresses

As most of you know, putting a link into a post automatically makes it a link (e.g. http://localhost/) We can force the linkification with angle brackets (<http://localhost/>) if the markdown ...
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Stack Overflow taking down the evil Hyphen Site [closed]

From The Hyphen Site being taken down by Stack Overflow; they've crossed the line., Alexa and Google Trends. Man I would love to see some statistics on questions and answers on the evil hyphen ...
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Funny observation about Experts-Exchange and Stack Overflow

I was searching Google for a question about JavaScript string byte length and opened some of the results in a bunch of tabs without looking at the URLs. One of the pages was an Experts-Exchange ...
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How do you get your account suspended

rich-b has a message at the top of his profile that his account is suspended and that there is 22 hours left. I tried to click on the link temporarily suspended that points to blog question, but the ...
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Your post contains a link to the invalid host '' [closed]

What's up with this error? Oops! Your edit couldn't be submitted because: Your post contains a link to the invalid host ''. Please correct it by specifying a non numeric domain or ...
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The link validator is overzealous and should allow posting so-called 'invalid' links [closed]

On Stack Exchange, as with any web site containing external links, there's a problem known as link rot. This is the phenomenon whereby some URLs no longer point to the information that they once ...
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Wikipedia style notice and warning markup?

Please see this question which is nearly an exact duplicate of another. Would it be possible to make certain CSS elements available to editors so that certain edits can be quickly and easily ...
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Why the rush to accept answers to open-ended questions?

A number of times I've seen what I consider to be valid but open-ended questions get an accepted answer within just a few minutes of being asked (example, accepted answer within 15 minutes, only three ...
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How to link to scientific papers only available at an IP address?

About 5% to 20% of relevant papers found by Google Scholar point to IP-addresses. How do you link to such scientific papers? StackExchange wrongly claims that such links are invalid and prevents ...
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The site that hosted the novelty badges has gone down

Some people created their own novelty badges based on the this post: For those that demand those elusive badges All that shows is "Alt Text". You may want to go back and remove those badges or ...
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Should invalid links be edited for better SEO?

I've recently come across a few questions on Stack Overflow that contain invalid links as examples relating to the question: ...
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What static caches exist for stack overflow?

Stack overflow is currently overflown. Apart from google, what static caches (official or otherwise) exist for it?
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Any way to work around filtering of links containing numeric addresses?

In a question I posted recently, I tried to include a link to a web page where the host is specified as a numeric IP address ( rather than a domain name. However, the Stack Exchange ...
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