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How to report a user? [duplicate]

A new user with an inappropriate username joined a Stack Exchange site today and started posting overly graphic sex jokes, as answers. They are clearly just a troll account. How would I go about ...
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Spam (tobacco related) multiple accounts [duplicate]

Looks like all of accounts are spam. E.g. multiple users found on ruSO:
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How can I report a specific bad user?

Every once in a while we get a question about how to report a bad user to the admins. Sometimes it's a spammer, sometimes it's a troll, sometimes it's just someone who had a momentary blip in the "...
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Add ability to Flag a User or Suggested Edit

I am aware this has been brought up before. I'm also aware it has been brought up specifically for edits before. However, new features on the site may warrant a fresh look. Specifically, suggested ...
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What is, or isn't, allowed in a profile? [duplicate]

I can't possibly fathom this not being a duplicate, but I looked... Two straight-forward questions that are extremely similar to each other (hence included in one post). If they need to be separated ...
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Is it acceptable to insult god in a user profile?

Like always I hang around in Stack Overflow's chatrooms. Today, someone posted a link to his new "reloaded" user profile. Along the lines I read in Arabic "god is a pig". So I asked him to remove it: ...
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Where do I report people for deleting their questions on purpose after they get an answer

Today I was looking at the question of this user. The question was pretty simple, he was looking for the eval function in php not knowing of it's existence. He received a comment and while I was ...
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How do I flag/report problematic content on a user's profile page? [duplicate]

Suppose a user has no bad posts, perhaps no posts at all, but their user page consists solely to promote a product or is otherwise problematic. How would I flag or report this user page? This ...
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Creepy user digs my old questions and downvotes them once a day [duplicate]

There is a creepy user who answered my question on Stack Overflow that I haven't accepted the answer with. He then keeps leaving a comment for like three consecutive days, asking for updates on ...
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Add a flag link on the user's profile page [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Flag abusive users I've noticed a lot of users get confused on the proper procedure to report a problematic users (sock-puppeteering, cheating, etc.). Example Unfortunately, ...
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How to flag rude/abusive suggested edit from a user who has made no posts? [duplicate]

This meta post Flag abusive users suggests to flag abusive users by flagging one of the posts, so that the mods can deal with the problem. However, on The Workplace (where I am a moderator), we had a ...
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Allow Flagging of a Profile [duplicate]

I looked all over this profile:, and was unable to locate a "Flag for Moderator" button. But as you can see, it's well needed: Warning: ...
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Allow flagging user profiles as spam [duplicate] <-- Example spam profile.
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Is anything stopping the randomly generated user avatars from being swastikas?

The randomly generated user avatar are created through a rotational symmetry, which is very prone to creating swastikas. I have seen a few examples of avatars getting dangerously close to swastika ...
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Is it okay to use Emojis in your user profile's location field?😉😃😊😉😆😅😄😃

Is it permissible to use Emojis in the field for your location like I do now, or is this not? If it is not permissible, should we have an error message to prevent this? Example, my profile.

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