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Could we please clarify just the Primary phase of the election? [duplicate]

THIS POST HERE Has a lot of info about the election process here on StackOverFlow The first phase of the election process ("nomination") is pretty obvious. The last phase of the process (the actual ...
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How to vote in moderator elections? [duplicate]

This page explains every detail of how elections work, except the most important one: how to cast a vote. The nominations period has started and it ends tomorrow, I would like to know how to vote for ...
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What are the requirements to be a moderator? [duplicate]

I'm new in this site. I want to know what the requirements are to become a moderator?
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How to vote for a nominee in moderator elections? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: There's an election going on. What's happening and how does it work? I know that SO Moderator elections are around the corner, but I dont know how the candidates are ...
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What is the exact reputation required to vote in a moderator election? [duplicate]

Here are my queries.. What is the exact number of reputation required to vote in a moderator election? Is it like I should have the same amount of reputation on all the sites where I am a member. Or ...
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Is there any reputation limit/range a user must have to become a moderator? [duplicate]

Is there any reputation limit/range a user must have to become a moderator?...
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How can I vote in the Stack Overflow moderator election? [duplicate]

I can't find the vote buttons anywhere. Where are they? Am I unable to vote because of my low reputation?
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Eligibility requirements for Stack Overflow moderator elections [duplicate]

There is no single place where SO users can check the requirements necessary to nominate oneself to a moderator elections. There is a formal description of the requirements: https://data.stackexchange....
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What eligibility is needed for vote in election [duplicate]

Is there any criteria for voting in any phase of election ? If yes then What eligibility is needed for vote in election to vote in any or every phase.
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What are the criteria for moderator nomination? [duplicate]

On the community moderator election page, I see three sets of requirements, in different places. The main body of text says For the Stack Overflow election, an eligible candidate for the election ...
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Who can vote on moderator elections? [duplicate]

When a moderator election is held on a graduated Stack Exchange site, which users get to vote for moderator candidates? I tried to look at and https://scifi....
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Resulting score for nominees on primary phase of moderator election [duplicate]

Notice on primary phase of moderator elections states: The candidate vote scores are public when positive but the minimum score shown will be -1. Could someone clarify, in which cases resulting ...
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Let's disallow moderator nominations from people who've been suspended in the past year

Well, it's election season again. On sites all over the network, moderators are being selected from among the good folk willing to volunteer their time to help guide and support their communities. I'm ...
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How are moderator election votes counted, in plain English?

The election pages' sidebars state that Stack Exchange elections use the Meek STV vote-counting method: After m days, the final voting results will be freely downloadable from this page forever, ...
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Who are the diamond moderators, and what is their role?

Some people have a diamond after their username (e.g. Michael Myers ♦) What special privileges do diamond moderators have? How can I become a diamond moderator? Who are the diamond moderators? How ...

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