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Is it fair that stackoverflow's days are based on UTC time? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: Make recent activity “today” etc. buttons based on user's time zone Change the definiton of a “day” to be localized for users For instance, I was so close to getting the ...
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Make times on the site in user's local time zone [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Make recent activity “today” etc. buttons based on user’s time zone? Times on comments, questions, answers, etc (on the tool tip) are expressed in UTC. This ...
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Users should be allowed to select their time zone [duplicate]

Stack Exchange uses the UTC time zone, which is confusing for users who are based in other locations. For instance, if I'm checking a user's actions, the timestamp may say something like Mar 1 at 16:...
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Change the definition of a "day" to be localized for users

Normally I would not complain about this, but given that two badges are based on "visiting the site" each "day" it is silly for the "day" to be based on UTC clock for all users. I can speculate ...
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Is there a Time Zone setting?

All the times seem to be in GMT. Is there a time zone setting so they will show up in my time zone? Also will this affect the "consecutive day" badge calculations?
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Use user's timezone for vote limit, reputation cap, badges, etc

My suggestion is twofold: Let users choose their timezone (you may suggest one based on ip or whatever, but let them choose anyway). After they've made their choice, apply all daily rules (vote limit,...
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Why are the time stamps in UTC instead of localized for the client?

Just curious as to what the reasoning behind making the time stamps for the questions and answers in UTC instead of localizing the time for the client. I do realize it's easier to store the value in ...
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Consecutive Day count reset this morning

I have read a lot of the posts on here about consecutive days and how they are calculated, but I am not sure that I can explain this one...which is disappointing since I have been trying to get the ...
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Display the user's timezone on his page

Please encourage people somehow to display their default timezone on their own user page, so we could know when to expect him back again? Practically, for those who displayed their location I could ...
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Stop using UTC for all "Day" calculations

At the moment it seems that UTC timezone is used for all calculations that involve "days" (Mortarboard, Epic, Legendary and other reputation/comment/question organization). I totally understand this ...
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Earned today should be Badges earned today?

In the following image: should it be badges earned today instead of earned today ? Don't you think so?
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Timezone Problems [duplicate]

I've been using Stack Overflow for a while and I noticed that for me, the time is 7 hours ahead of my actual time. I live in Calgary AB, Canada so I might get something different, but the next day is ...
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