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So annoyed with no-comment, vindictive downvoting [duplicate]

I have been so annoyed recently by people who downvote my answers with no comments. Usually it falls into one of two categories The asker is asking a question that is inherently impossible or ...
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Should everyone have to defend a downvote? [duplicate]

I recently received my first downvote and am still reeling from that stinging feeling. It seems silly to care, but, for some reason, I do. What is more frustrating than getting a downvote is that ...
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When voting an answer down, is it polite to add a comment giving a reason? [duplicate]

When you vote down an answer to a question, do you leave a comment to explain why? Personally I think this is very useful, since if someone has written something that is wrong they can be set straight....
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Is it ever appropriate to question a downvote? [duplicate]

According to privilege page for down-voting: Downvoting should be reserved for extreme cases. It's not meant as a substitute for communication and editing. I happen to take this seriously, and ...
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Should basic netiquette dictate that we post reasons for downvoting? [duplicate]

OK, I've just got downvoted for an answer that was previously upvoted. I'm pretty sure my answer wasn't the best, yet not the worst. It was also not a subjective question and I got a little upset ...
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What to do with unexplained downvotes? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Encouraging people to explain down-votes Since I started using SO I've had a bunch of question downvoted, and every time it made sense. Either I was wrong or I didn't get the ...
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Anonymous downvotes ruining Stack Overflow for new users, driving them away from a meaningful contribution [duplicate]

I used to be very excited about Stack Overflow. I even started to make it a habit to routinely check for questions with certain tags to try to provide answers. And I did. Then this happened: Finding ...
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How do I alert admins about potential vengeful behavior? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Encouraging people to explain down-votes Allow users to leave an anonymous comment when voting I have had four or five down-votes in the past few days on answers that I thought ...
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How to deal with downvotes without any explanation [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Encouraging people to explain down-votes Sometimes there are bad questions that receive downvotes for different reasons. The "Stackoverflow netiquette" says that, when ...
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Lose reputation when downvoting without a comment [duplicate]

One of my answers was downvoted three times and no one has left a comment, I have no idea why the answer sucks. I would like to know so that I can change it and avoid doing it in the future. When ...
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Penalise Downvotes without Comment / Reward Downvotes with Comments [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Encouraging people to explain down-votes I know that this issue has been raised a number of times in the past, with some improvements being made to reduce the negative impacts ...
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Mistaken downvote cannot be undone after matter is being clarified by the answerer [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: Undo a up/down vote after a comment is left Problem: I've found multiple times that people downvote, and give reasons why they do so, but that they are actually wrong. The ...
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Downvoting without comment.Why it's allowed? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Encouraging people to explain down-votes Recently somebody downvotes few of my questions/answers in same time. Without comment or reason. Why is this allowed? Imagine this: ...
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Is it necessary to downvote a question like this? [duplicate] Someone is asking a question about autocomplete options for jQuery. ...
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Upvote / downvote bandwagon - and how to stop it [duplicate]

The issue isn't about downvotes themselves, it's the abuse done by them. On my time on Stack Overflow I have often noticed the phenomena of dissatisfied people downvoting questions without any given ...
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