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Feature request : Marking questions as unanswered

I've been reading a number of posts on SO regarding unanswered questions. Despite the 'accept rate' not really being that important, I'm one of those people who likes to keep things in order. ...
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Accepting an answer when multiple "correct" answers

I've recently asked a question on meta to which I received four very useful and equally "correct" answers. Each added value; each was helpful to me. Although one answer did receive more votes than ...
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does Stack Overflow developers have a plan of cleaning up questions

I think are many questions with solid answers from solid users with no accepted, sometimes even no upvoted, answers. I myself am a starter in the programming business and generally give no real good ...
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What if my problem does not have a solution [duplicate]

I asked a question and got some answers. Some of them describes why my problem does not have a real solution. Do I need to select one of them as the accepted answer? I'll sharpen the question: Does ...
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Mark answers off-topic for the "accept ratio" value

When somebody answers to my question, but the answer is clearly not working, and there is no other answer, then I cannot accept an answer to my question. But since technically there is already an ...
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In search for a way to ask and get helped

I have been active user on stackoverflow for about 1.5 years now. I have helped many users solve their problems and I always try to help everyone I can. However everytime I ask a question it either ...
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Suggest Stack Overflow users with zero accept rates to accept some answers

This proposal is for Stack Overflow only, where questions usually get an objective answer, and where the answer rate is pretty good. If a user has asked several questions, and hasn't accepted a ...
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How to accept and upvote resource for new users [duplicate]

Some (new) users don't accept or upvote any answers, they just thank the user that answered. Where can I find a nice resource to point new users to to tell them exactly how to accept and/or upvote an ...
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Accept Rate is dead, long live Reputation Leagues!

Once upon a time there was accept rate; it was introduced by Jeff three and half years ago with a bright future and lots of potential. Lots of water flowed in the river since then and it turned out ...
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Any idea why my self-answer might have been downvoted? [duplicate]

I will appreciate if someone can provide their guess for why my answer to my own question is getting downvoted. To summarize, the question is: Is there a Map<K1, K2, V> implemented in Java ...
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Questions without accepted answer

What's the ratio of accepted answers / questions? Think about it. There are so many questions without an accepted answer. It is annoying for all the people who invest time to help others. I like the ...
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Is the accept rate still shown anywhere? [duplicate]

I read Let's stop displaying a user's accept rate and I'm wondering if we can still see our accept rate or not? If yes how?
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Acceptance rate should have been kept [duplicate]

Acceptance rate should have been kept. Right now there is no way for people to see whether that person accepts answers or not. I really don't think that this is fair.
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What is the incentive to accept answers now? Should we have one?

In order to keep down comments about people's accept rates, accept rates are no longer displayed. However, that leads to a question: what is the incentive to accept answers now? Are we in a situation ...
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Accept rate stat not visible [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Let’s stop displaying a user’s accept rate Am I missing something in my configuration or browser setup? The Accept Rate stat is no longer visible for every user I have ...

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