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Introducing new user onboarding project

Following the Public Platform Q2 2021 roadmap, the team is kicking off the new user onboarding project and announcing our plans for the product-discovery phase. New user onboarding – Purpose We see ...
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Problem with users not accepting answers

I am facing a recurring problem on Stack Overflow that goes like this: Someone asks a question. I answer, and we chat until their problem is solved. Then they leave the site, forgetting to upvote ...
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Show alert for users with 0% (or low) acceptance rate [duplicate]

Is it possible to show alert (on top, like the alerts for new badges for example) for users with 0% accept rate when they log in, with text like "Please improve your accept rate" and link to page ...
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If you really want to reduce the snark level

So, the death of WSOIN (What Stack Overflow is Not) was intended to help reduce the snarky comment level. I don't see any diminution of the volume of sarcastic comments added to weak questions. I don'...
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Why accept an answer that isn't an answer? [closed]

First off, I like the idea of accept rate. I'm tired of giving good answers and not having them accepted. The idea of adding another incentive to accept answers was another great idea by SO. I have ...
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Should your Accept rate only be known to you? [closed]

I see the Accept rate as being counter productive to the site. I (incorrectly) answered a question about whether the accept rate should be shown on the Mobile version of the Site as that I was glad it ...
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Should I accept wrong answers to boost my accept rate?

I have posted questions on SO for which I have received answers that do not answer the question. No correct answers were offered (I guess I have really good questions ;) ) People tell me my accept ...
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Unanswered questions and accept rate [closed]

People have been asking me to increase my accept rate on Stack Overflow. So I've gone back to my questions and have been trying to select the best answers. But for some questions, I have not received ...
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What answer to accept?

There are so many good answers to my questions that it's sometimes hard to decide what answer to designate as accepted. I really feel that more than one is "accepted." What should one do in this ...
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I am awarding users "Answered" even when they don't answer the question, just so my Accept rate isn't harmed

Of the 26~ish questions that I have asked to date, the majority of these have been questions which aren't directly applicable to many situations. They are broad, and they are really only applicable to ...
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Should users be discouraged from asking new questions until they've accepted a certain % or deleted old unaccepted questions?

I've been doing a lot of reading on Meta about this subject and I cannot find a definitive answer or view of what people think regarding this question. So, apologies if this has already been covered/...
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Chastising users for non-acceptance [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is it appropriate to comment on people's accept rate? It has begun! - a commenter has chastised an OP for having a low acceptance ...
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Poor answers and accept rate [duplicate]

What's the recommended approach when you ask a question and you don't actually get valid answers? It'd normally leave the question as unanswered but, of course, that leads to getting a low acceptance ...
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Comment regarding accept rate removed

Earlier today I made a comment on this question, pointing out to the OP that he might want to accept answers and that he could find out how and why in this oft quoted thread. I see now that this ...
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How can we deter users from prompting question-askers to improve their accept rate?

I'm tired of people whinging in question comments about people's accepted answer rate. Can we have a button by the answer rate that people can click to say "hey! improve this!"? Maybe if a threshold ...
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