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Actually how important is accepting an answer to the Stack Exchange model?

At the moment the answer seems to be not really. It's not appropriate to comment on the accept-rate and there have been various suggestions ranging from moving it to the profile page to displaying it ...
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How should we treat "don't forget to accept my answer" comments? [duplicate]

New users already have a reminder to accept an answer on their question. So I don't see the need in general for this post-answer badgering, even if it is intended to be genuine constructive help (...
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Showing Stack Overflow's reputation for OP here on Meta [closed]

On all meta sites except this one, the meta reputation is the same as on the main site. However being the "super meta" site, reputation here is independent. All good. Since many times the questions ...
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Low accept rate more prominent when asking a question

When looking around at questions I often see people asking with very low, sometimes 0 accept rates, and the first comments are almost always something along the lines of "work on your accept rate." ...
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Suggest Stack Overflow users with zero accept rates to accept some answers

This proposal is for Stack Overflow only, where questions usually get an objective answer, and where the answer rate is pretty good. If a user has asked several questions, and hasn't accepted a ...
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Create a system-generated comment for users with 0% accept rate

When a user posts his first question in which his accept rate appears, if the accept rate is zero (i.e. the user has not accepted any answers), the system should generate a single comment under his ...
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Don't calculate accepted answer rate on meta

Meta is a discussion site and accepting an answer on many questions makes no sense. Since this statistic is now reported, it may be taken as a measure of the level of participation. For a discussion ...
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What is the incentive to accept answers now? Should we have one?

In order to keep down comments about people's accept rates, accept rates are no longer displayed. However, that leads to a question: what is the incentive to accept answers now? Are we in a situation ...
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Skipping questions from users who don't accept

Is there a way to filter out questions from users who don't accept answers? It seems like a great waste of my time if I'm not even sure they're going to come back.
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What should be done with questions marked as [Resolved]?

For example: These two questions the OP marked as [Resolved] and left no explanation of how: [Resolved]Zend Framework: Add form in layout [Resolved]Zend Framework: Ajax post data What should be ...
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Can we stop rushing people to accept an answer?

While it's worse when the author of the answer bugs the OP to accept their answer (for whatever reason - maybe they don't now there's a waiting period, maybe they don't know the asker knows how to ...
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Ways to encourage users to 'Accept' answers

I have thought about ways to encourage people to accept answers on SO (and other sites). I am not certain the best possible way. I would like to encourage feedback as to what you think. Here are a few ...
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Is time relevant for getting better answers?

Can you get better answers on Stack Overflow when a question is asked at a certain time of the day? Let's say the question is asked in the morning (GMT), will it attract more attention than a ...
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Incentivizing question askers to accept an answer (Possible future Winter Bash hat?)

As others have mentioned, it is incredibly frustrating to answer a question and then never have the asker accept any of the responses as the answer. It's not only frustrating as someone who likes to ...
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Was my flag declined unfairly? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: When should the “Not an Answer” flag be used? I have flagged an answer to my question as "not an answer" (which it absolutely isn't) and got it declined with this reason: "...
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