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Reduce or eliminate accepted answer bonus

Accept rate dunning has become a meme around here. Yes, we have the accelerated comment deletion feature, but I don't think it's enough. So long as the green check is such a large rep bonus, it will ...
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What if my problem does not have a solution [duplicate]

I asked a question and got some answers. Some of them describes why my problem does not have a real solution. Do I need to select one of them as the accepted answer? I'll sharpen the question: Does ...
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Should one help educate new users who may not know how to accept answers?

Following on from Check mark discoverability seems to be low for new users, I've taken to commenting with the following proforma whenever I see a 0% accept rate a question from a new user who has ...
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I was going to answer your question til I saw your accept rate [closed]

I'd like a little button under questions from users with low accept rate to indicate "I have the knowledge you seek, but couldn't be bothered typing it for you". I'm not sure what the title of the ...
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My question was resolved through a comment

A kind person resolved an issue by a throwaway one-liner in a comment instead of an answer. Bearing in mind that I cannot seem to vote on their comment, how do I: Reward them with some reputation? ...
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Are there any current metrics on accept rates?

It seems as of late that the overall amount of accepted questions has dramatically decreased. It may be the tags I hang around in but am unsure. I guess I'm curious if it seems that way to anyone ...
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When does a FAQ cease to be a FAQ?

When I was looking at the edits in the FAQ, I noticed a few questions were deleted. Why are questions removed from the FAQ list? How is that decision arrived at? Even if it is not as frequently viewed ...
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Doing something about all the 0% accept rate users

I have a suggestion for combating the 0% accept rate some users have, and continue to ask crappy questions. Perhaps if they get to 10 questions with 0% accept rate (using the existing metric), could ...
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Any idea why my self-answer might have been downvoted? [duplicate]

I will appreciate if someone can provide their guess for why my answer to my own question is getting downvoted. To summarize, the question is: Is there a Map<K1, K2, V> implemented in Java ...
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Mark answers off-topic for the "accept ratio" value

When somebody answers to my question, but the answer is clearly not working, and there is no other answer, then I cannot accept an answer to my question. But since technically there is already an ...
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Search for users per (part of) OpenID [closed]

Take a look at bbuser. The user has not entered a name in his profile. I don't know where the name bbuser comes from, but I assume it is somehow part of his OpenID. He appears as bbuser in questions, ...
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Option for "No Acceptable Answer"

Having the percentage of Accepted answers featuring so prominently in a user's profile puts users under pressure to accept just any answer - when there is no good enough answer -in order that their ...
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Accepting an answer when multiple "correct" answers

I've recently asked a question on meta to which I received four very useful and equally "correct" answers. Each added value; each was helpful to me. Although one answer did receive more votes than ...
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Show not only accept rate, but also number of questions asked

I like the "accept rate" info on a user's questions - but how about also showing how many questions the user has asked? Especially for those notorious non-accepters, that information might be helpful ...
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Accept rate usefulness

I am wondering how useful the accept rate stat is. It seems to me that a stat that shows participation might be more useful. I doubt even on my best day I could be the one to give the accepted answer ...
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