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Acceptance rate should have been kept [duplicate]

Acceptance rate should have been kept. Right now there is no way for people to see whether that person accepts answers or not. I really don't think that this is fair.
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Clicking on my percentage of answers accepted could take me to the list of my questions without accepted answers

I've noticed that in those places that show my percentage of accepted answers that it is not clickable. Previously I had found it tricky to get to my list of questions without accepted answers. ...
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Is/Should your accept rate be affected if there is one bad (downvoted) answer?

I was just curious about this as I currently have a question that only has one answer, and it already has a -1. Now, this question is new, so I am hopeful that somebody will respond appropriately. ...
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Add accepted answers to user page

Given the range of information now available across the tabs of a user's profile page, the outstanding missing list is accepted and unaccepted answers, preferably with datestamps. I suggest it is ...
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Would it be a good idea to add the Acceptance Rate to all the lists on SO?

I'm thinking that it might generate a good behavior in that people would be inclined to click on questions for people who have a high acceptance rate knowing that they are likely to have their answers ...
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Guaranteed Acceptance Seal

Now the current pattern for the Acceptance rate is having a percentage and a color. Green being the most acceptance rate and red or ash for the worst acceptance rates. How about adding a seal for say ...
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Does deleting unanswered questions improve my accept rate? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How does accept rate work? I normally post questions on stackoverflow relating to my programming work, but sometimes the nature of the problem does not make for a speedy ...
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Accept Rate badge

Engaged - Member for 6 months of greater with an accept rate of 90% or higher Married - Member for 1 year+ with an accept rate of 90 or higher Bronze/silver maybe. This way new users may see some ...
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Show average vote score per question and answer

It could be useful to display some metrics on each user's profile page: mean and/or median vote score per question (at the top of the Questions section) mean and/or median vote score per answer (at ...
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"accept rate" misleading, please correct [closed]

I don't meant to be critical, you guys are programmers, not English grammaticians, but this is obviously wrong and needs to be fixed. Fortunately the solution is relatively simple: Please make this ...
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After some time, should the OP be required to accept an answer or delete the unanswered question?

Should people be required to either accept an answer or delete the question if it has been live for a certain period of time (say 1 month) without any traffic (i.e. comment or answer)?
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Accept rate flame [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is it appropriate to comment on people's accept rate? There are a few threads about this here already, but I did not find a useful answer that I could actually link to ...
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Dealing with 0% acceptance [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Would it be possible to have a “community accepted” feature? Forcing Acceptance Duplicate of many like: Forcing Acceptance This may be a hot topic but I think ...
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Privilege pages show accept rate in screenshots

On the following two pages, the screenshots show a usercard with the ##% accept rate still listed. Since the accept rate feature has been removed, the screenshots are now inaccurate: https://...
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Does/could/should SE prompt users harder to vote on and accept answers to their questions?

If I remember rightly, when I view a question to which I haven't yet accepted an answer, I sometimes see a reminder to accept an answer. But I was wondering if SE sites could push users harder to ...
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