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0% accept rate box when submitting new questions

There are some questions out there asking for punishment of 0% accept rate users, and they are obviously wrong because there are valid reasons to have a 0% accept rate. One of them is being new to ...
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Why is accept rate more important for /review tasks than answers?

In Shog9's answer to a question about why the voting options have been removed from the \Review task beta, he explains: The core philosophy here is that each queue focuses on a specific task or ...
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Questions without accepted answer

What's the ratio of accepted answers / questions? Think about it. There are so many questions without an accepted answer. It is annoying for all the people who invest time to help others. I like the ...
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Display the number of up-votes along with the %accepted

Some people ask many questions and only accept answers. Never they give an up-vote. Meaning all the other participants to a question - who may either help or complement the accepted answer - get ...
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Accept rate should exclude viewed, unaccepted question

When viewing a question without an accepted answer. I want to see the asker's accept rate calculated without the current question. After all, when considering answering someone's unanswered question, ...
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In search for a way to ask and get helped

I have been active user on stackoverflow for about 1.5 years now. I have helped many users solve their problems and I always try to help everyone I can. However everytime I ask a question it either ...
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Should there be consequences to never or rarely accepting answers to your questions? [duplicate]

After seeing a question by user dtgee, I clicked on a link to his or her profile and noticed that (s)he had asked 28 questions, but had accepted 0 answers. So if accepting answers is to be encouraged,...
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Questions should inherit their duplicates' "frequent" power

When calculating how frequently a question is asked each question should be above any questions that were closed as a duplicate of it1. For instance, on the first page (assuming you have 50 questions)...
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Should we show a link in the profile to a user's open questions?

I used to have a link, which I have lost, which would show me all of my questions which I have asked but not accepted an answer to. I would use it regularly to make sure that I was being a good ...
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How to encourage users to accept answers

Some time ago users' accept rate has been removed from their flair. I can understand the rationale behind this decision (even if I disagree), so I won't discuss it here. From my point of view, this ...
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Suggestion to alleviate new users' lack/reluctance to mark accepted answer

I was just reading this meta post: Stop nagging new users about their accept rate It is little more than a rant. But there was, I feel, one important comment in there; that new users or users new to ...
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What events or new design choices have exogenously changed user behavior on SO?

I've been doing some research on design choices in online communities, and I'm looking for some examples of design changes, events, feature additions (or subtractions), or policy changes that might ...
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Add accept rate to profile page

I know this request has been made several times, but I would like to highlight some issues with the current system as it stands. At the moment, the accept rate is not displayed on a user's profile ...
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Acceptance Rate: Misleading Statistic

Something needs to be done about acceptance rate, the value is misleading when questions are answered but are not the solution. For instance, take this question of mine: SO - HTML Double Click ...
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Feature request : Marking questions as unanswered

I've been reading a number of posts on SO regarding unanswered questions. Despite the 'accept rate' not really being that important, I'm one of those people who likes to keep things in order. ...
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