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Questions without accepted answer

What's the ratio of accepted answers / questions? Think about it. There are so many questions without an accepted answer. It is annoying for all the people who invest time to help others. I like the ...
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Is the accept rate still shown anywhere? [duplicate]

I read Let's stop displaying a user's accept rate and I'm wondering if we can still see our accept rate or not? If yes how?
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Acceptance rate should have been kept [duplicate]

Acceptance rate should have been kept. Right now there is no way for people to see whether that person accepts answers or not. I really don't think that this is fair.
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How to accept and upvote resource for new users [duplicate]

Some (new) users don't accept or upvote any answers, they just thank the user that answered. Where can I find a nice resource to point new users to to tell them exactly how to accept and/or upvote an ...
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What is the incentive to accept answers now? Should we have one?

In order to keep down comments about people's accept rates, accept rates are no longer displayed. However, that leads to a question: what is the incentive to accept answers now? Are we in a situation ...
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New phenomenon: Rage Unaccepting

Now that accept rate is no longer displayed users can silently unaccept answers without anyone noticing. I happened to notice by chance that this user (who is a long time member without any other ...
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Replace accept rate with citizenship level

I see that accept rate has now been removed from display on questions. I think this is not a great solution for reasons that waffles explained well. Take it away waffles! On one hand accept rate ...
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Accept rate stat not visible [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Let’s stop displaying a user’s accept rate Am I missing something in my configuration or browser setup? The Accept Rate stat is no longer visible for every user I have ...
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What should we do with all questions related to accept rate? [duplicate]

Accept rate will no longer be shown. So now all the questions related to accept rate became obsolete. So what should we do with all questions related to accept rate? Should these questions be deleted ...
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Display the number of up-votes along with the %accepted

Some people ask many questions and only accept answers. Never they give an up-vote. Meaning all the other participants to a question - who may either help or complement the accepted answer - get ...
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Actually how important is accepting an answer to the Stack Exchange model?

At the moment the answer seems to be not really. It's not appropriate to comment on the accept-rate and there have been various suggestions ranging from moving it to the profile page to displaying it ...
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Was my flag declined unfairly? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: When should the “Not an Answer” flag be used? I have flagged an answer to my question as "not an answer" (which it absolutely isn't) and got it declined with this reason: "...
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After some time, should the OP be required to accept an answer or delete the unanswered question?

Should people be required to either accept an answer or delete the question if it has been live for a certain period of time (say 1 month) without any traffic (i.e. comment or answer)?
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Suggestion to alleviate new users' lack/reluctance to mark accepted answer

I was just reading this meta post: Stop nagging new users about their accept rate It is little more than a rant. But there was, I feel, one important comment in there; that new users or users new to ...
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Showing Stack Overflow's reputation for OP here on Meta [closed]

On all meta sites except this one, the meta reputation is the same as on the main site. However being the "super meta" site, reputation here is independent. All good. Since many times the questions ...
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