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Accept rate should exclude viewed, unaccepted question

When viewing a question without an accepted answer. I want to see the asker's accept rate calculated without the current question. After all, when considering answering someone's unanswered question, ...
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Should one help educate new users who may not know how to accept answers?

Following on from Check mark discoverability seems to be low for new users, I've taken to commenting with the following proforma whenever I see a 0% accept rate a question from a new user who has ...
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Option for "No Acceptable Answer"

Having the percentage of Accepted answers featuring so prominently in a user's profile puts users under pressure to accept just any answer - when there is no good enough answer -in order that their ...
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The line with accept rate should be a link to the questions tab for the OP

This is similar to this question, but the scenario and motivation are different and the proposed solution is therefore different. Every other time I see a question of mine and see my accept rate next ...
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Turn acceptance rate into a link to unaccepted questions

Next to a user's question their acceptance rate is shown. Why not make the text that says 91% acceptance rate into a link to the user's unaccepted questions? Perhaps if this was easily recognized as ...
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Accept rate flame [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is it appropriate to comment on people's accept rate? There are a few threads about this here already, but I did not find a useful answer that I could actually link to ...
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What should be done with questions marked as [Resolved]?

For example: These two questions the OP marked as [Resolved] and left no explanation of how: [Resolved]Zend Framework: Add form in layout [Resolved]Zend Framework: Ajax post data What should be ...
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Does deleting unanswered questions improve my accept rate? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How does accept rate work? I normally post questions on stackoverflow relating to my programming work, but sometimes the nature of the problem does not make for a speedy ...
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Visual threshold for good accept rates [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Reduce the percentage at which an accept-rate is coloured green I was just referred to an answer regarding the accept rate: In general, an accept rate of 70% or better is ...
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My question was resolved through a comment

A kind person resolved an issue by a throwaway one-liner in a comment instead of an answer. Bearing in mind that I cannot seem to vote on their comment, how do I: Reward them with some reputation? ...
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Dealing with 0% acceptance [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Would it be possible to have a “community accepted” feature? Forcing Acceptance Duplicate of many like: Forcing Acceptance This may be a hot topic but I think ...
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How should we treat "don't forget to accept my answer" comments? [duplicate]

New users already have a reminder to accept an answer on their question. So I don't see the need in general for this post-answer badgering, even if it is intended to be genuine constructive help (...
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Add accepted answers to user page

Given the range of information now available across the tabs of a user's profile page, the outstanding missing list is accepted and unaccepted answers, preferably with datestamps. I suggest it is ...
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Why is accept rate more important for /review tasks than answers?

In Shog9's answer to a question about why the voting options have been removed from the \Review task beta, he explains: The core philosophy here is that each queue focuses on a specific task or ...
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0% accept rate box when submitting new questions

There are some questions out there asking for punishment of 0% accept rate users, and they are obviously wrong because there are valid reasons to have a 0% accept rate. One of them is being new to ...
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