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If you really want to reduce the snark level

So, the death of WSOIN (What Stack Overflow is Not) was intended to help reduce the snarky comment level. I don't see any diminution of the volume of sarcastic comments added to weak questions. I don'...
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Abolish the accept rate [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Let's stop displaying a user's accept rate This feature request is simple: Remove the accept rate from the user card. No user should ever see another's accept rate. The rationale ...
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Reduce or eliminate accepted answer bonus

Accept rate dunning has become a meme around here. Yes, we have the accelerated comment deletion feature, but I don't think it's enough. So long as the green check is such a large rep bonus, it will ...
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Should I accept wrong answers to boost my accept rate?

I have posted questions on SO for which I have received answers that do not answer the question. No correct answers were offered (I guess I have really good questions ;) ) People tell me my accept ...
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Is/Should your accept rate be affected if there is one bad (downvoted) answer?

I was just curious about this as I currently have a question that only has one answer, and it already has a -1. Now, this question is new, so I am hopeful that somebody will respond appropriately. ...
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Remove accept rate display from questions, move it to the profile page [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Let’s stop displaying a user’s accept rate I know this is a bold proposal: I suggest we do not display the "Accept Rate" on questions under the user name. It has no ...
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Problem with users not accepting answers

I am facing a recurring problem on Stack Overflow that goes like this: Someone asks a question. I answer, and we chat until their problem is solved. Then they leave the site, forgetting to upvote ...
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Guaranteed Acceptance Seal

Now the current pattern for the Acceptance rate is having a percentage and a color. Green being the most acceptance rate and red or ash for the worst acceptance rates. How about adding a seal for say ...
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Comment regarding accept rate removed

Earlier today I made a comment on this question, pointing out to the OP that he might want to accept answers and that he could find out how and why in this oft quoted thread. I see now that this ...
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Should your Accept rate only be known to you? [closed]

I see the Accept rate as being counter productive to the site. I (incorrectly) answered a question about whether the accept rate should be shown on the Mobile version of the Site as that I was glad it ...
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Feature Request: Accept rate for mobile site

I, and I think some other people, would really appreciate to see the accept rate in the mobile site of SO. To me the accept rate immediately indicates whether i should answer the question or not even ...
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I am awarding users "Answered" even when they don't answer the question, just so my Accept rate isn't harmed

Of the 26~ish questions that I have asked to date, the majority of these have been questions which aren't directly applicable to many situations. They are broad, and they are really only applicable to ...
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Calculating accepted answer percentage

Taken from Jeff Attwoods blog post on New Question Asker Features: ... * Questions must be more than 3 days old. * Questions must have at least 1 answer. ... I'm asking to change this to: ... * ...
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Stop nagging new users about their accept rate [duplicate]

I'm on Stack Overflow and will stop using this site due to pests. The 'accept an answer' is fine if: the person who asked the question found utility in an answer has enough knowledge to recognize a ...
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Clicking on my percentage of answers accepted could take me to the list of my questions without accepted answers

I've noticed that in those places that show my percentage of accepted answers that it is not clickable. Previously I had found it tricky to get to my list of questions without accepted answers. ...
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