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Zero score in most used tags by a user with reputation. Is this a bug? [duplicate]

I came from viewing an Earth Science user profile and I saw something that might be a bug: The user has posted some scored questions, but in his list of more frequent tags every tag has zero score. ...
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Button to view "Questions with no accepted answer"

It would be nice if, across all SE sites, there was a button on the "Questions" page for each user, that allowed you to filter your own questions which you haven't accepted an answer for yet....
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Introducing new user onboarding project

Following the Public Platform Q2 2021 roadmap, the team is kicking off the new user onboarding project and announcing our plans for the product-discovery phase. New user onboarding – Purpose We see ...
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Incentivizing question askers to accept an answer (Possible future Winter Bash hat?)

As others have mentioned, it is incredibly frustrating to answer a question and then never have the asker accept any of the responses as the answer. It's not only frustrating as someone who likes to ...
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Does/could/should SE prompt users harder to vote on and accept answers to their questions?

If I remember rightly, when I view a question to which I haven't yet accepted an answer, I sometimes see a reminder to accept an answer. But I was wondering if SE sites could push users harder to ...
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Complementing user stats

Could positive response, meaning the number of okayed or upvoted answers be made a percentage and complement the Q&A user stats? The same goes for upvoted questions. For example: Positive response:...
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Discouraging profiles that never follow up on their own questions [duplicate]

I'm not sure whether to describe this as a question or a suggestion, but... Every so often a question receives some good answers, but the question author never follows up on those, never approves any ...
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Add Number of accepted answer of a user @ IMPACT box

I think accepted answer is very important point to be considered. It is major IMPACT of user I think. It also responsible for %Answer of site. How does accepting an answer work?: Accepting an ...
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Is there a way to see acted-upon flags on Data.SE?

I've been wanting to write a query to cough up a bunch of neat stats about a user. One of them is the ratio of helpful flags to declined and disputed flags. However, I can't find where I can get these ...
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Should we show a link in the profile to a user's open questions?

I used to have a link, which I have lost, which would show me all of my questions which I have asked but not accepted an answer to. I would use it regularly to make sure that I was being a good ...
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When does a FAQ cease to be a FAQ?

When I was looking at the edits in the FAQ, I noticed a few questions were deleted. Why are questions removed from the FAQ list? How is that decision arrived at? Even if it is not as frequently viewed ...
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Show average vote score per question and answer

It could be useful to display some metrics on each user's profile page: mean and/or median vote score per question (at the top of the Questions section) mean and/or median vote score per answer (at ...
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How to encourage users to accept answers

Some time ago users' accept rate has been removed from their flair. I can understand the rationale behind this decision (even if I disagree), so I won't discuss it here. From my point of view, this ...
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Questions should inherit their duplicates' "frequent" power

When calculating how frequently a question is asked each question should be above any questions that were closed as a duplicate of it1. For instance, on the first page (assuming you have 50 questions)...
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Add accept rate to profile page

I know this request has been made several times, but I would like to highlight some issues with the current system as it stands. At the moment, the accept rate is not displayed on a user's profile ...
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Can we stop rushing people to accept an answer?

While it's worse when the author of the answer bugs the OP to accept their answer (for whatever reason - maybe they don't now there's a waiting period, maybe they don't know the asker knows how to ...
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Mask the reputation or identity of the asker (briefly)?

It seems as if new SO users who "demonstrate a minimal understanding of the problem being solved" yet are unable to articulate very specific details regarding the problem that they're asking about get ...
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Is time relevant for getting better answers?

Can you get better answers on Stack Overflow when a question is asked at a certain time of the day? Let's say the question is asked in the morning (GMT), will it attract more attention than a ...
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Should there be consequences to never or rarely accepting answers to your questions? [duplicate]

After seeing a question by user dtgee, I clicked on a link to his or her profile and noticed that (s)he had asked 28 questions, but had accepted 0 answers. So if accepting answers is to be encouraged,...
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What events or new design choices have exogenously changed user behavior on SO?

I've been doing some research on design choices in online communities, and I'm looking for some examples of design changes, events, feature additions (or subtractions), or policy changes that might ...
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Feature request : Marking questions as unanswered

I've been reading a number of posts on SO regarding unanswered questions. Despite the 'accept rate' not really being that important, I'm one of those people who likes to keep things in order. ...
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Accepting an answer when multiple "correct" answers

I've recently asked a question on meta to which I received four very useful and equally "correct" answers. Each added value; each was helpful to me. Although one answer did receive more votes than ...
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does Stack Overflow developers have a plan of cleaning up questions

I think are many questions with solid answers from solid users with no accepted, sometimes even no upvoted, answers. I myself am a starter in the programming business and generally give no real good ...
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What if my problem does not have a solution [duplicate]

I asked a question and got some answers. Some of them describes why my problem does not have a real solution. Do I need to select one of them as the accepted answer? I'll sharpen the question: Does ...
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Are there any current metrics on accept rates?

It seems as of late that the overall amount of accepted questions has dramatically decreased. It may be the tags I hang around in but am unsure. I guess I'm curious if it seems that way to anyone ...
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Privilege pages show accept rate in screenshots

On the following two pages, the screenshots show a usercard with the ##% accept rate still listed. Since the accept rate feature has been removed, the screenshots are now inaccurate: https://...
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Mark answers off-topic for the "accept ratio" value

When somebody answers to my question, but the answer is clearly not working, and there is no other answer, then I cannot accept an answer to my question. But since technically there is already an ...
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In search for a way to ask and get helped

I have been active user on stackoverflow for about 1.5 years now. I have helped many users solve their problems and I always try to help everyone I can. However everytime I ask a question it either ...
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Accept Rate is dead, long live Reputation Leagues!

Once upon a time there was accept rate; it was introduced by Jeff three and half years ago with a bright future and lots of potential. Lots of water flowed in the river since then and it turned out ...
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Any idea why my self-answer might have been downvoted? [duplicate]

I will appreciate if someone can provide their guess for why my answer to my own question is getting downvoted. To summarize, the question is: Is there a Map<K1, K2, V> implemented in Java ...
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Questions without accepted answer

What's the ratio of accepted answers / questions? Think about it. There are so many questions without an accepted answer. It is annoying for all the people who invest time to help others. I like the ...
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Is the accept rate still shown anywhere? [duplicate]

I read Let's stop displaying a user's accept rate and I'm wondering if we can still see our accept rate or not? If yes how?
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Acceptance rate should have been kept [duplicate]

Acceptance rate should have been kept. Right now there is no way for people to see whether that person accepts answers or not. I really don't think that this is fair.
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How to accept and upvote resource for new users [duplicate]

Some (new) users don't accept or upvote any answers, they just thank the user that answered. Where can I find a nice resource to point new users to to tell them exactly how to accept and/or upvote an ...
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What is the incentive to accept answers now? Should we have one?

In order to keep down comments about people's accept rates, accept rates are no longer displayed. However, that leads to a question: what is the incentive to accept answers now? Are we in a situation ...
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New phenomenon: Rage Unaccepting

Now that accept rate is no longer displayed users can silently unaccept answers without anyone noticing. I happened to notice by chance that this user (who is a long time member without any other ...
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Replace accept rate with citizenship level

I see that accept rate has now been removed from display on questions. I think this is not a great solution for reasons that waffles explained well. Take it away waffles! On one hand accept rate ...
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Accept rate stat not visible [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Let’s stop displaying a user’s accept rate Am I missing something in my configuration or browser setup? The Accept Rate stat is no longer visible for every user I have ...
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What should we do with all questions related to accept rate? [duplicate]

Accept rate will no longer be shown. So now all the questions related to accept rate became obsolete. So what should we do with all questions related to accept rate? Should these questions be deleted ...
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Display the number of up-votes along with the %accepted

Some people ask many questions and only accept answers. Never they give an up-vote. Meaning all the other participants to a question - who may either help or complement the accepted answer - get ...
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Actually how important is accepting an answer to the Stack Exchange model?

At the moment the answer seems to be not really. It's not appropriate to comment on the accept-rate and there have been various suggestions ranging from moving it to the profile page to displaying it ...
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Was my flag declined unfairly? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: When should the “Not an Answer” flag be used? I have flagged an answer to my question as "not an answer" (which it absolutely isn't) and got it declined with this reason: "...
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After some time, should the OP be required to accept an answer or delete the unanswered question?

Should people be required to either accept an answer or delete the question if it has been live for a certain period of time (say 1 month) without any traffic (i.e. comment or answer)?
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Suggestion to alleviate new users' lack/reluctance to mark accepted answer

I was just reading this meta post: Stop nagging new users about their accept rate It is little more than a rant. But there was, I feel, one important comment in there; that new users or users new to ...
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Showing Stack Overflow's reputation for OP here on Meta [closed]

On all meta sites except this one, the meta reputation is the same as on the main site. However being the "super meta" site, reputation here is independent. All good. Since many times the questions ...
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Accept rate should exclude viewed, unaccepted question

When viewing a question without an accepted answer. I want to see the asker's accept rate calculated without the current question. After all, when considering answering someone's unanswered question, ...
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Should one help educate new users who may not know how to accept answers?

Following on from Check mark discoverability seems to be low for new users, I've taken to commenting with the following proforma whenever I see a 0% accept rate a question from a new user who has ...
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Option for "No Acceptable Answer"

Having the percentage of Accepted answers featuring so prominently in a user's profile puts users under pressure to accept just any answer - when there is no good enough answer -in order that their ...
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The line with accept rate should be a link to the questions tab for the OP

This is similar to this question, but the scenario and motivation are different and the proposed solution is therefore different. Every other time I see a question of mine and see my accept rate next ...
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Turn acceptance rate into a link to unaccepted questions

Next to a user's question their acceptance rate is shown. Why not make the text that says 91% acceptance rate into a link to the user's unaccepted questions? Perhaps if this was easily recognized as ...
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