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Make an announcement type thing to notify new users with 0% acceptance rate

I've noticed quite a few people recently with a 0% acceptance rate. (and more than I'd seen in the past). I'm not sure what could be causing this, but I think one thing may help to steer these new ...
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Is time relevant for getting better answers?

Can you get better answers on Stack Overflow when a question is asked at a certain time of the day? Let's say the question is asked in the morning (GMT), will it attract more attention than a ...
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Doing something about all the 0% accept rate users

I have a suggestion for combating the 0% accept rate some users have, and continue to ask crappy questions. Perhaps if they get to 10 questions with 0% accept rate (using the existing metric), could ...
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Show not only accept rate, but also number of questions asked

I like the "accept rate" info on a user's questions - but how about also showing how many questions the user has asked? Especially for those notorious non-accepters, that information might be helpful ...
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Are there any current metrics on accept rates?

It seems as of late that the overall amount of accepted questions has dramatically decreased. It may be the tags I hang around in but am unsure. I guess I'm curious if it seems that way to anyone ...
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Acceptance Rate: Misleading Statistic

Something needs to be done about acceptance rate, the value is misleading when questions are answered but are not the solution. For instance, take this question of mine: SO - HTML Double Click ...
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Accepting an answer when multiple "correct" answers

I've recently asked a question on meta to which I received four very useful and equally "correct" answers. Each added value; each was helpful to me. Although one answer did receive more votes than ...
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Search for users per (part of) OpenID [closed]

Take a look at bbuser. The user has not entered a name in his profile. I don't know where the name bbuser comes from, but I assume it is somehow part of his OpenID. He appears as bbuser in questions, ...
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Is there a way to see acted-upon flags on Data.SE?

I've been wanting to write a query to cough up a bunch of neat stats about a user. One of them is the ratio of helpful flags to declined and disputed flags. However, I can't find where I can get these ...
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What should be done with questions marked as [Resolved]?

For example: These two questions the OP marked as [Resolved] and left no explanation of how: [Resolved]Zend Framework: Add form in layout [Resolved]Zend Framework: Ajax post data What should be ...
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Show average vote score per question and answer

It could be useful to display some metrics on each user's profile page: mean and/or median vote score per question (at the top of the Questions section) mean and/or median vote score per answer (at ...
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Why is accept rate more important for /review tasks than answers?

In Shog9's answer to a question about why the voting options have been removed from the \Review task beta, he explains: The core philosophy here is that each queue focuses on a specific task or ...
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Zero score in most used tags by a user with reputation. Is this a bug? [duplicate]

I came from viewing an Earth Science user profile and I saw something that might be a bug: The user has posted some scored questions, but in his list of more frequent tags every tag has zero score. ...
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Questions where answers can not be accepted, should not count towards the accept rate

I just noticed this question: Broken stop button on Vista SP2 Media Center, any ideas when this will be fixed? which in the past had a bounty, counts towards my accept rate. As it stands the only ...
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What if my problem does not have a solution [duplicate]

I asked a question and got some answers. Some of them describes why my problem does not have a real solution. Do I need to select one of them as the accepted answer? I'll sharpen the question: Does ...
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