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Bypassing minimum comment length with Soft hyphen - (ALT + 0173) [duplicate]

I just posted this comment: it works! and the source code is: <span class="comment-copy">it works­­­­­!­</span> It seems that nothing visible here but I used this character:­ [alt + 0173]...
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Formatting characters should be ignored when considering minimum comment length [duplicate]

I've found that comments have a restriction for minimum comment length. I.e. it's impossible to post too short comments. Yet in the same time this can be overcome with using formatting. For example, ...
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How is it possible to post an empty answer? [duplicate]

This answer seems to be complete empty: Is this a bug, or did somebody find a way to circumvent the character limit.
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Editing question without edit limits [duplicate]

Edits limits (Edits must be at least 6 characters; is there something else to improve in this post?) can be passed easily using html comments. Testing: This is what can be done to skip the edit limit: ...
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Enforcing a question minimum character length?

Across many of the sites, there is many questions that get asked that are commonly one or two sentences. Most of the time, this results in many comments imediately saying "need more info?" whats this?...
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HTML comments can circumvent minimum post length limits

As much as I love Yoda's answer, I really don't think that should work.
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Null bytes accepted as part of text (not really)

I think it's OK to post this because it's already clear that null bytes can be entered into posts and comments, and possibly other fields. If one takes a look at this answer , it's clear that one can ...
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Spaces getting past minimum character limit

It appears that now you can no longer just put spaces at the end of text to get past the character limit. You can still put them in the middle, where they get truncated to a single space. I always ...
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An answer without any content?

Randomly looking around SO, I come across this question. What catches my eye is an unusual answer in that it's not worded at all: Seems like a bug to me...may warrant looking into.
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You can make a mostly empty comment/post using link Markdown

If you type the following in a comment, you can post an (almost) empty comment: [.](http://about:blank) Here's an example of that: . I've also included an example of that code in the comments ...
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