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What is the current Stack Overflow t-shirt?

I'm a picky guy, just ask anyone who's ever gone clothes shopping with me. As such, I won't just wear any old shirt, regardless of the logo. Now assume for a moment that I was getting a Stack ...
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Don't you think that it's time for some Stack Exchange shirts? [closed]

Success!!! This is for you Jeff. We're asking and begging and pleading (and maybe even willing to pay) for some shirts!!!! We know you've got to have some hiding under your bed on top of your PING ...
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How can a fan get swag / promotional gifts without any challenge or high reputation score?

Today is my 51st day on Stack Overflow and I am a huge fan of SO/SE. Yesterday on Twitter I read about SE swag / promotional gifts and I really fell in love with it. Is there a way to get this swag?
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What sites have stickers?

So apparently you can get Stack Overflow, Super User and Server Fault stickers by sending a self addressed envelope to Stack Exchange, does anyone know if you can get stickers for any other SE sites? ...
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Replacement for broken mug?

My Stack Overflow mug suffered a tragic mishap. Is there any way to get a replacement?
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Is this "University of stackoverflow" T-shirt legit?

I just came across this T-shirt that says "University of stackoverflow" and uses the site logo: Is this official? Has there been any change in the store not existing any more situation? If not, then ...
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Choose your own swag - the craziest contest idea ever! What were we thinking?

Contest Has Ended Thanks to everyone for participating. I will be contacting those who participated for shipping details and item verification within the week. Keep a lookout for the email! Tired of ...
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Policy for informing Stack Exchange about illegit Stack Overflow merchandise

I came across this t-shirt which has Stack Overflow logo on it and is available in various colors and styles. This doesn't look legit and I understand from this answer that Stack Exchange store is ...
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Merchandising, merchandising, merchandising!

If there was a I would love to buy T-Shirts, coffee cups, and (obviously) flamethrowers. With Stackoverflow's newfound moola and near infinite talent, I bet this would be ...
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Stack Overflow T-Shirt: where can I get one for now?

I did my search and found only this link, which is broken
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StackOverflow shop? [closed]

Are SO Team planning some SO stuff shop? Stack Exchange Store - As of 2 July 2012, the shop is closed. What stuff SO users want? Mugs, Stickers, T-Shirts or Posters :)...
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Stack Overflow T-shirts?

I was watching a video on YouTube recently, and it was a talk by Mr. Rory Alsop (a moderator on Stack Exchange site Information Security). The guy was wearing a Information Security T-shirt. Does ...
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Please reopen the Stack Exchange Store!

I really would love to buy a StackOverflow T-Shirt, and I guess I'm not alone. In the first I thought about to limit it so a reputation could to avoid a overrun to your shop, but I read that you "...
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I would like a mug please

Where can I go to purchase a mug or some other pretentious geeky SO swag to support/promote this fine, fine community? If there is no SO shop can I get my own at CafePress? Thanks Note This has now ...
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Stack Overflow Mug [closed]

A friend got me a stack overflow mug and its amazing - but one thing has always troubled me. Is the code written in a real world language? The code seems like it could be improved slightly. if (...

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