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Where is the rule against send me the codez?

A newbie is asking for some codez. What can I cite in support of unwillingness to provide it?
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Moderate Meta More

Per my promise on "Stack Overflow Is", I've been thinking of potential solutions to the "rudeness problem". In the course of this I've realized that it's actually MSO where I most often occasion to ...
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Why is reputation so important and is it the only measure of things?

I am interested in the "official" community opinion on this and would be grateful for an open minded answer: Obvious enough community is at the very centre of the Stack Overflow ecosystem. It is ...
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Could Stack Overflow benefit from some AI with regards to commenting?

There are questions with specific phrases that sort of bug me, and in combination with having a short length, they are probably lousy questions. We've all seen it: zero code, and the phrase "is it ...
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Can someone repost the raw text of WSOiN onto pastebin or something?

I would like to add to the discussion on the removal of What Stackoverflow Is Not. I have lots of examples that I think illustrate how feedback on questions have gotten demonstrably worse without ...
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Include links to relevant Meta posts in review automatic comments

As a follow up to the answer I received to this question: I started using the review beta tool for low-quality posts fairly heavily a few days ago (heavy compared to my previous usage, anyway). The ...
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Get rid of canned messages for closings

When a question is closed, such as when it's not a real question, there are 5 possible things you could have done wrong. Why don't we get rid of the canned messages and have the users/mods actually ...
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What tag is used for Stack Exchange rules and their respective enforcement instruments?

Each site has a Tour, a Help Center and meta sites having faq where the site's purpose, workings and features of the Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange system are explained. Also, there is FAQ for ...
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Make the reason for a question being closed more descriptive

This user has just joined. He does not understand that when his question is closed, asking the same thing on a different question isn't right. Shouldn't the reason for closing a question be more ...
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WSOiN - Who is going to fix the links? Or is link rot OK now?

As per the previous Meta post Stack Overflow Is, the old What Stack Overflow Is Not question has been deleted. It was pointed out to me this morning that there was a link to the now non-existant ...
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Converting 'Is Stack Overflow a forum' Q&A into Community Wiki?

There is a Meta SE Q&A that I would like to be able to cite quite frequently: Is Stack Overflow a forum? and I would cite it frequently if it were titled something like `Are Stack Exchange (...
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Should "Why 'What Stack Overflow is Not' was deleted" be historically locked?

A long time ago, Shog9 deleted a popularly-linked question here. He then made another post, Why "What Stack Overflow is Not" was deleted, to explain his reasons for deleting the question ...
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Canonical "it does not work" link

There are some meta Q&A's that can be used at StackOverflow for those standard comments that frequently need to be made. These links work so well because they point (new) users to a source of ...
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semiautomated "being nice to newbies"

I've only been a member of stackoverflow for less than two months, and active answering questions for a little more than one. But I'm already getting quite tired of the flood of badly written, badly ...
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Is commenting/linking "" spam? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is it OK to leave “What have you tried?” comments? Often when someone posts a "Do this for me" question it receives a comment along the lines of What have you ...
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