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What Happened to "What Stack Overflow is Not"? [duplicate]

I use this post frequently to post comments on SO questions that don't meet the quality guidelines for the site. I find it helps me to do my part in helping the moderators keeping the site clean. It ...
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Why is the link to the question about SO not being a recommendation engine closed? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Stack Overflow Is What Happened to “What Stack Overflow is Not”? Recently one of my SO questions was closed because it was said to be asking for a recommendation....
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Stack Overflow is doing me ongoing harm; it's time to fix it!

Over the last month, Stack Overflow has violated its own policies and precedents to cause egregious and unnecessary harm to me -- to my reputation (personal and professional), to my health, and to my ...
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Should 'Hi', 'thanks', taglines, and salutations be removed from posts?

I edit a lot of posts every day. I often run across posts with 'Hi' and 'Thanks' on the top and the bottom of the post respectively. I also run across things like: --User Should these items be ...
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Are answers that just contain links elsewhere really "good answers"?

I have often wondered at the practice on Stack Overflow, Server Fault, and the other sites where someone will ask a question and an answer will come in that says "Look here: https://link ...
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Ban LMGTFY (let me google that for you) links

I've just asked a question on Stack Overflow which was a prime candidate for googling. I admit it was a poor question and with a little bit of research I would have found the answer. It annoyed me ...
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Operation 'Split, All The Metas!' Shall Commence On April 16, 2014

Update 2014-04-17 04:47 UTC: Stable, with some odds and ends to clean up The main MSO/MSE sites are stable, but there are plenty of corners left to sweep. For details, see: The Status Of The ...
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How does accepting an answer work?

What does it mean to accept an answer? How do I accept an answer, and what are the rules? Can I accept my own self-answer? What are the reputation benefits? Which answer should I accept? Should I ...
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The Help Vampire problem

What is the best long-term solution for the Help Vampire problem? Adapted from the above article: Identifying Help Vampires can be tricky, because they look like any ordinary person (or Internet user,...
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Repository of useful pro-forma comments

Every tag has its questions that make the same mistake(s) over and over and over again. (But some tags more than others.) That's where Benjol's pro forma comments script comes in. The only downside to ...
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Deleted Meta Questions Archive

Some keep deleting questions with a lot of discussion, both relevant and/or historical, and we can't search on deleted questions. Some of them are locked so that they cannot be undeleted, so I'm ...
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Should questions include "tags" in their titles?

I've seen questions edited to remove the language name from the title. Won't search engines - and folks using search engines - have an easier time finding them if these "tags" are kept as ...
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Can we agree on a review 'policy'?

On the review page, there is a one-sentence guideline on reviewing. I think that as the number of reviewers increase, it is going to become increasingly necessary to come to some kind of agreement ...
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Formal adoption of Pro-forma comments script into SE engine proper

My Pro-forma comments script has now gained quite a following (and it - allegedly - just got bust by upgrading to jQuery 1.7.1). This is a personal request to the team to consider adopting it. Not ...
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Are Stack Overflow people *still* nice?

The title is a reference to Why are Stack Overflow people nice?. We had the good fortune, to start this experiment with a really positive culture and have managed to hang onto it through vast growth ...
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If you really want to reduce the snark level

So, the death of WSOIN (What Stack Overflow is Not) was intended to help reduce the snarky comment level. I don't see any diminution of the volume of sarcastic comments added to weak questions. I don'...
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Since when is banned?

Since when is banned? And, who took the decision? Edit: to be clear, this is was banned whether on its own, or with other content. It's an incredibly popular summary of ...
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PHP Errors Reference question [closed]

I recently came across this question. It basically boils down to What is the cause of white screen? What is the cause of X? What is the cause of Y? with each question being hyperlinked to an ...
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How can the "What Stack Overflow Is Not" post be improved? [closed]

I've had a number of comments made about, mostly to the effect that the post is too "cold and prickly" to properly represent ...
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Rude responses from the community

This has not happened to me. This thread is based on random questions I've seen around. I love Stack Overflow. The variety of answered questions is stellar. Very often, Google leads me to SO on my ...
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Create a guided tour for new users

New users of a Stack Exchange site may not fully understand how the site works. For example, the user may not know how to vote, what reputation is, how to format a question or answer, or how to ...
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Possible solutions to why there is still so much 'attitude' and condescension on S.O. after there's been work to eliminate it

Why does SO have so much attitude and condescension, even after several measures have been taken to eliminate it? We can and need to do better Problem: S.O. still has so many people with a bad ...
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Should this be picked up by the vote fraud detecting algorithm?

Some time ago, I added an entry to the SO C++ FAQ community effort, which deals with C++ operator overloading. For that piece I had spent half a Sunday I was supposed to spend building something out ...
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What Do You Mean "It Doesn't Work"? [closed]

You're probably reading this because you've likely made or read a statement that provides little to no insight into a given problem. It's a declaration that is well-known and reviled throughout the SO ...
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Can we improve the guidance given to questioners?

I'm beginning to notice an increase on the number of things that fail to meet basic SO expectations: Zero research No actual question, just a vague specification of what should happen, without any ...
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Could WSOIN be resurrected with a new wording strategy?

The famous What Stack Overflow is not question (10k+ only) was deleted a couple of weeks ago. The reason was the (real or perceived) rudeness that accompanied the question's use. The question was ...
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Why was this question asking for a library recommendation closed as not constructive? [duplicate]

This question looking for tips on a certain library for a specific function was closed as not constructive, with a comment "SO is not your research assistant". As a long-time lurker starting to get ...
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What is Stack Exchange not good for? [closed]

The Stack Exchange Network contains a lot of sites and it works especially well -- particularly when used in combination with a search engine -- for answering one-off technical questions. But what is ...
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I just ran into this site ( via comment on the main site via this question. I know its not a SE site, it just seems bad taste Are we now encouraging 3rd party sites to ...
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Explicitly say that Stack Overflow IS NOT for us to write your code

I think that when a user goes to ask his first question, that they should see something like this popup. We are here to help solve problems. If your question is asking someone to write your code, ...
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