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Additional Badge Ideas

As the title suggests does anyone have ideas for additional badges for SO? I liked the idea of 'hidden' ones that are triggered by odd, random criteria. Basically Easter eggs. Also: Member of all ...
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Add a rep "batting average"? (similar to the questioner's accept rate)

Sometimes I'm reading an answer and it has a certain "smell" to it that I can't quite pinpoint, but makes me distrustful of the answer and I feel surprised to see it coming from a user with a high rep....
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Add an answer acceptance rate, too [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Would it be useful so show people’s “hit rate” - i.e. percentage of answers accepted? To compliment the question acceptance rate, I suggest adding an answer ...
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Would it be useful to show people's "hit rate" - i.e. percentage of answers accepted?

Just out of idle curiosity I thought I'd check how many of my answers had been accepted. The only way I could see was to manually count. Would people be interested in seeing this as a statistic on ...
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Should the specialist badge be awarded for n accepted answers?

In order to get a specialist badge, one must accumulate at least 400 upvotes for a single tag. Jeff set the bar extremely high because answers to questions tagged subjective tend to get upvoted a lot,...
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How about new expert badges based number of your answers accepted?

We have nice shiny expert badges right now, which are based on the number of upvotes received in a particular tag. While that's all well and good, it does tend to bias the recipients towards those ...
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Encouraging good answers

The reward for answering difficult questions is disproportionately low. For example, I just got 90 points for a throw away answer that I googled for, but a total of 25 points for these four well-...
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Badges For Accepted Answers More than X

I suggest that we award bronze, silver and gold badges to users whose answers have been accepted x,y,z number of times. Self-accepted answers don't count. This would encourage everyone to put more ...
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Show breakdown of user's reputation by source - from answers, from questions

I think it would be useful showing the breakdown of a user's reputation on their User page. Nothing fancy, just the percentage of reputation from questions asked and from answers given.
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Performance Metrics on SO?

I've been noticing recently that everyone in the world has more points than me on SO, and I began to wonder: is my number of answers above or below the mean for my score range? Is my mean votes/answer ...
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Is there any value in displaying answers-only statistics, especially "accepted answers" rate?

Currently, when sorting through available answers to any question (mine or not) on a topic I'm not nearly an expert on, it may sometimes be VERY difficult to separate wheat from the chaff by using up-...
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tag badges for accepted answers

While there are some very popular tags that generate many upvotes, there are also some tags that are technically challenging but hardly ever generate more than one or two upvotes per answer, hence ...
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Report on number of votes that you got on each tag

It would be nice to have a report showing how many up and downvotes you got in each tag. For example: java: 134 upvotes, 10 downvotes perl: 100 upvotes, 8 downvotes hibernate: 50 upvotes, 4 downvotes ...
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Show on user profile how many accepted answers one has given [duplicate]

Pretty simple request: I would like to see how many of the answers I have provided to others questions, have actually been accepted. I would also like to see this information on other users user page....
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