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Treat comments on deleted posts from moderating users like comments from diamond moderators

Comments on deleted posts don't reliably notify the owner of the deleted post about their existence, depending on the exact timing the post owner might never be informed about that comment. There is ...
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New Review System suggestion: allow reviewing users to select by tag [duplicate]

The new reviewing system is nice. But, do you think it would be helpful if a reviewing user could select items to review by topic tag? That way folks can review stuff they're interested in.
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Is the close system working as expected? [duplicate]

The review system is pretty nice, but I've noticed that there are a huge number of questions pending closing and it's rising over time. Right now, there are 59.5k questions awaiting close votes in ...
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Improve UI flow for "close as duplicate"

At the moment, to agree with a "possible duplicate" suggestion, one has to See the "possible duplicate" comment in the first place - sometimes difficult if there's a lot of other ...
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Flag declined, link-only answer subsequently deleted [duplicate]

I flagged Runtime Error 3061 Help (ms access) as very low quality on the grounds that it was an answer consisting only of links, and was notified: very low quality – 18 hours ago declined - a ...
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Can flags send a post into the Low Quality Posts review queue?

I'm trying to clear the last few TODOs in What are the guidelines for reviewing?, so it can eventually go into the FAQ. The section on the Low Quality Posts queue currently says: Questions appear ...
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Where can I find badge progress for Copy Editor and Electorate on the new review page?

On the previous review page, it was possible to see the badge progress for the Copy Editor and Electorate badges in the right-hand column. On the new review page, that information is gone. Is it ...
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Reopen Review Queue: Whats the difference between "Leave Closed" and "Skip"?

When working through the Reopen Vote review queue, we are presented with a couple of options: What is the difference between the effects of the "Leave Closed" and "Skip" buttons? When researching ...
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What to do with old questions that are off-topic?

I often see old questions (from the time before and that are offtopic. But they are not closed. It doesn't make sense to vote-close on them, since no one else will see ...
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It ain't broke we're not gonna fix it? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why are there so many high-voted requests with status-declined? I realise I not going to be popular for asking this and will probably be hunted down by a unicorn hit-squad in ...
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Why review low quality answers to locked questions?

This comes up in the review pane for Review Low Quality Posts: This is really a "piss poor" answer (quote from the answer) to a not very good ...
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Has the new /review system changed closing behavior?

With the new /review route, the community is presented with a queue of posts they have to work through. One of these is Close Votes: It enforces a very strict pattern – you basically choose to either ...
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Users exceeding daily maximum 50 close votes [closed]

During the review beta, it seems that deleted posts don't count against the daily maximum 50 close votes that may be cast per user. However, I've noticed users voting up to 80-times, seen here from ...
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Why was there a drop in raised flags in September 2012?

The latest blog post has a graph of raised flags: You'd expect it to be relatively "smooth" but there's a drop of about 3,000 flags in September 2012 compared to August 2012, and then right ...
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Where did my improvement go?

I improved this suggested edit while working from the new beta review queue. I'm not sure of the exact timing, but I suspect that the edit was approved (at 21:53:02) by the second reviewer while I was ...
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