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My reputation on Stack Overflow is reduced without any downvote [duplicate]

My reputation on Stack Overflow is reduced without any down-vote or any negative reputation points shown at Two days ago my reputation was ...
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Negative reputation for unknown reason [duplicate]

Below is the screenshot of negative rep on a question I was never part of. It is now deleted. I have never seen this question before. Still the reputation is not restored. Is this a reputation system ...
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What "please delete; rescinded" means in the reputation tab? [duplicate]

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I don't know why my reputation decreased [duplicate]

I don't understand why my reputation decreased from 256 to 241. I even checked on my reputation but it is not showing what I believe to be the correct result. What might be the problem?
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Why do I get "+3" reputations ? [duplicate]

I notice I got +3 reputations today for this question, the system tells me I get "+5" and "-2" on this question, but clearly this question has no upvotes or down votes. So why do I get "+3' ...
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Where did my MSO rep go? -211 [duplicate]

I just instantly lost 211 rep on MSO. A few hours ago I had 1,060, now 849, a 211 decrease. I don't think I ever received enough votes on one question or answer to lose that much by a single ...
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Difference between "downvote" and "downvoted"? [duplicate]

What is the difference between "downvote" and "downvoted"? Here is a screen shot from the Reputation sub-screen on the User tab:
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Yet another "inconsistent reputation history" [duplicate]

I found something in my reputation history that I cannot explain. Could someone please put some light on this? According to this log, 25+10=36
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Inconsistent reputations [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do I read the history of my reputation? I see some [blank] and inconsistent reputations with the real upvotes here for 2012-08-20 Is this an expected behaviour or some ...
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The Mystery of the Phantom rep [duplicate]

Here's a good Halloween mystery for you. On Tuesday morning I saw a spooky apparition...the vague, spectral shape of 15 rep points off in the distance in a dark corner, that vanished before my eyes as ...
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When is reputation lost without any indication in user profile? [duplicate]

A few hours ago, I had 418 reputation on StackOverflow. Currently, my profile shows 371 reputation, meaning I lost 47 reputation (I don't mind it). Surprisingly, there are no notifications in my ...
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Lose 2 rep for participating in "extended conversation" or non-useful edit? [duplicate]

Yesterday I lost 2 rep for no apparent reason on SO. I hadn't reached my max and there are no downvotes visible. The only two potential causes I can think of are: I suggested an edit that was not ...
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Jon Skeet rep-capping at <200 pts, but then later getting points for upvotes up to 200? [duplicate]

I know about the daily reputation cap and according to the answer in that question: Any upvotes you receive after earning 200 reputation from upvotes for the day no longer award any points. But ...
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Issue with edit removed points (not shown) [duplicate]

I read How does "Reputation" work? and the accepted answer. I shared the left image 10 April 2018 with a friend and the right my score at 11 April 2018 9:30 CEST I know that I got 3 ...
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