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How to gain reputation on Stack Exchange? [duplicate]

I would love to comment on & participate in discussion on the various Stack Exchange sites, but I don't have enough reputation. The one I have the most reputation on ( has ...
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Jon Skeet Facts

I'm looking for Chuck Norris Facts style answers. In case anyone is curious, this question was inspired by Jon's own comment to this question. Now with official sanction from the powers that be!
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What is "chat with an expert"? [closed]

A box just comes out of nowhere which says "chat with an expert". It happened once on Stack Overflow and once on Meta. Is this an ad? Isn't Meta supposed to have no ads? Here's the HTML for that ...
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Lower the amount of reputation needed to comment

This question is a great example of people coming from Google and using answers as comments. I understand the reputation threshold is there to prevent spam, but Answers are just as prone to spam as ...
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Embrace the non-Googlers

There seems to be a knee-jerk reaction to "easy" questions that involve quickly answering by copy/pasting embarrassing links to (or similar responses in comments, which aren't downvotable) ...
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What is the association bonus, and how does it work?

I was just awarded +100 reputation on all of my Stack Exchange accounts. What is this bonus for? It simply says "Association Bonus" on my reputation overview. Also: What privileges does the ...
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How to get over 200 reputation points every day [duplicate]

I was watching the top users and saw the honourable Jon Skeet profile with his 136k+ 558k+ 1M reputation. This man has a lot of quality posts and I respect him a lot. He deserves the reputation he has,...
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What is the etiquette for modifying posts?

I'm getting pretty close to the reputation where I can start to edit others' posts, and I'm wondering what the etiquette for when (and when not) to do so. I figure that I should edit in the following ...
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How to ask a smart question

The title of the oldest revision of this SO question is, "Is it posible [sic]?" This doesn't provide any information at all. It should be mandatory for everyone asking questions on the Internet to ...
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Strategy for reputation [closed]

I was wondering if anyone is interested in sharing their strategies for gaining reputation. Here are some specifics: Assuming one has a few favorite tags, should he focus on one, or all? Should one ...
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Is the comment limitation on new users counter-productive? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Revisit “New users can't ask for clarifications except as answers” I find it strange that new users are banned from offering comments on questions particularly ...
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