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An Update On Creative Commons Licensing

We’d like to provide you with an update to our transition to version 4.0 of the CC BY-SA license. We realize that this is something that you care deeply about, and that our response to your concerns ...
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I'm worried about Stack Overflow content licensing [duplicate]

Strongly related: Do I have to worry about copyright issues for code posted on Stack Overflow? It appears that all the submitted content on Stack Overflow is licensed under the Creative Commons (CC) ...
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What happened to "attribution required"? [closed]

I am sure we all read this right? Then why doesn't Jeff Atwood follow this rule in his most recent twitter post?
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Should we permit undeleting questions against the author’s will?

I just wrote this comment to my own question Just for the record, I attempted to delete this question twice and a group of fascist elitists punks have resurrected it in a fashion totally ...
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Data dump should include deleted posts

Given that deleted content is licensed CC just as the regular content is, it exists in the current SO database, and it is accessible to over 400 (10k+ rep) users, it should also be exported as part of ...
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Can you ditch the attribution for own content clause from the Terms of Service?

Deep in the bowels of the SE Terms of Service you will find the following sentence (in section 3. Subscriber Content), with one clause highlighted by yours truly: In the event that You post or ...
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Who owns the intellectual property of answers? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Who owns the copyright to S[OFU] content? Questions often ask for solutions to difficult problems. Since many users are resourceful and creative, I wouldn't be surprised to ...
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Who owns the Questions | Answers?

I want to delete some of my questions and answers on Stack Overflow. I can't because there are accepted answers (Q) or they have been accepted (A). Now, SO has a very easy sign-up process, I can't ...
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Who is responsible for Twitter integration?

Good day stack overflowers. Apparently someone has created a Twitter feed in my name and is using it to broadcast all the comments I post on Stack Overflow. It was not my intention to create such a ...
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Is Stack Exchange's <kbd> styling copyrighted?

I would like to use key CSS on a website of my own, but it is my understanding that a site's CSS is implicitly copyrighted. Is there any way for me to either Write my own CSS inspired by Stack ...
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Should images be accompanied with licensing info?

Many of the newer SE2.0 sites are well-suited to questions and answers containing images, and I love that many users use images in their posts. It can add value both for context and aesthetics. ...
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Does re-using text from meta.*.SE on *.SE/faq require either full attribution or a waiver?

If I lift text from, e.g., someone's comment on meta.*.SE and stick it into *.SE/faq, do I have to either include the full attribution we generally require or get a waiver from the author, is a link ...
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Who is the copyright holder of Stack Overflow user-contributed content? [duplicate]

I understand that user contributed content is licensed under cc-wiki but Creative Commons work still requires a copyright holder. So who actually owns Stack Overflow's user contributed content? Stack ...
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Can I copy my answer in Quora to Stack Exchange sites or vice-versa? [duplicate]

I am a member of both Quora and some Stack Exchange sites. Sometimes, I see that the same question is asked in both. In such cases, is it OK for me to copy posts from Quora to Stack Exchange or vice-...
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Stackoverflow copy rights [duplicate]

If someone builds another product like Stack Overflow, can they be sued for some kind of patent/copyright infringement? If yes, which parts of Stack Overflow design cannot be copied.
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Disable or reword comment editing by moderators?

The way comments are currently implemented a moderator edit of a third person comment constitutes an infringement of the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license under which such comment was published. In particular ...
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Is reposting one's own content from a Stack Exchange site after the fact, without attributing its source, allowed? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Who owns the copyright to S[OFU] content? According to the second paragraph of section 3 of the Stack Exchange terms of service (the paragraph starting with "In the event that ...
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