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How about a "Vote not to close" option to counter the "Vote to close"?

My request is simple: Many times, there will be a question where some people feel like it should be closed. At the same time, I'll feel like it's a perfectly legit question, and it should therefore ...
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Help me make myself a better moderator—give me statistics about my own close vote accuracy!

In a recent answer on Meta Stack Overflow, Shog9 made the following note: Accuracy is all over the map too. Some of our most prolific close voters routinely toss votes at questions that don't get ...
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Reopen votes expiring too early?

Per this explanation, reopen votes should expire at a rate of 1 per day after 4 days of no new reopen votes, providing the question has over 100 views. But I've seen at least two cases now where this ...
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Why can't you vote to leave open after previously voting to close and reopen?

Here's an interesting scenario: A question was closed as off-topic. I voted to reopen it and it was eventually reopened. However, in the process of getting reopened the question was edited. I closed ...
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Is there any difference between "Leave Open" and "Skip" in Close Votes Reviews? [duplicate]

I often review Close Votes in my favorite SE site ever since I got the close vote privilege and I have seen both Leave Open and Skip in the queues. What is the difference between both. From my ...
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Why do close votes have priority? [duplicate]

At present, any votes that are to close have priority. Normally thing would be that if someone wants the thread closed that a single vote should be registered. Then if someone wants to keep the thread ...
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Can (or should) anything be done about someone who votes "Do not Close" a lot in /Review? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Steward Badge gaming visible in the Review Close Queue I've noticed that most people who /Review a lot of close votes on ServerFault do about 12-20 reviews a day. That seems ...
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Specify that three "Leave Open" votes are required in the Help Center

From Help Center > Privileges > cast close and reopen votes: Edits or a sufficient number of "Leave Open" reviews will remove the question from review and immediately begin aging the close votes. ...
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What happens when a moderator clicks 'leave open' in the close-vote queue? [duplicate]

It takes 3 ordinary users clicking "leave open" in the close-vote queue to remove the question from the queue. How about diamond mods? Do they remove it from the queue in one click, or not?
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Do enough "leave open" votes make an item fail the close-vote-queue? [duplicate]

This question is similar to a feature request from a week ago, but it's different. Background: On German Language we currently have problems with good questions being closed "too fast" / &...
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Leave Open should negate close votes

Currently SE review system allows questions' closure by the option of vote-to-close. There is an option of "Leave open" and I have read this to understand its use properly. I am suggesting that the ...
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What can be done about the massive Close Votes queue on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

There are (at the time of writing this; see edits at bottom of post) 54.2k questions with close votes on the review page on Stack Overflow. Unlike the other review tasks, which all usually return to 0 ...
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26,000 questions have close votes, now what? [duplicate]

In Close Votes expire too soon for low-traffic tags Jeff exclaimed: Brock, this is GENIUS! I am hereby using my super-upvote on this feature-request: Close votes (and probably reopen votes) ...
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Allow voting "Vote to not close" from the question without being in a review

I just reached the 3k rep limit required for close votes and have started exploring the vote-to-close UI that's opened up to me, and I have a request. The review queue has a Do Not Close button, but ...
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How slow is the Close Votes queue being processed? And how large should it get daily when the backlog is gone? [duplicate]

After a few months, the Close Votes queue's large backlog is slowly climbing down, but in the short term we still see regular upward spikes. I'm curious, when it reaches a manageable size, how ...

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