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It's time to blacklist [library] [closed]

The tag library was burninated by Jeff Atwood during the 2012 Great Tag Removal Thingymajig. Since that fateful morn1 it's been re-created most days by people with more reputation than tagging ability....
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Should the [column] tag be squashed? [closed]

The column tag seems to add very little value to questions, and its meaning is ambiguous (could it refer to a database column, or a column in a table layout?). This tag should probably be removed.
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What is the purpose of the unknown tag? [closed]

The tag unknown was created eight hours ago. I wanted to fill its description, but I am unsure of its purpose. My question is: How should this tag be used?
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Should the [weirdness] tag be burninated? [closed]

IMHO, weirdness is in the same bucket as stuck, problem, not-working and error. Weirdness, in the context of the tagged questions, describes unexpected behaviour/output which is often down to a lack ...
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Add periods (".") to the list of things that the tag picker ignores

The tag picker currently ignores hyphens when you are typing a tag, and will prevent non-diamond moderators from creating a tag with hyphens when one without exists (or vice versa). I've encountered ...
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Should the tag "lib" be removed? [closed]

I found the tag lib, which has no wiki / tag summary, and seems to be a synonym of the removed tag library. I guess it should be removed too.
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When it is appropriate to ask for blocking a tag?

On Drupal Answers, I sometimes ask for blocking tags that are very bad, or too broad to be useful. Considering there is also the possibility of burninating a tag (removing it from the history of the ...
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Can moderators to blacklist tags PERMANENTLY? [duplicate]

I have been reading tag complaints like this. In that post, the poster seems to be quite annoyed at how the tag keeps coming back. So, here's my question: Can mods keep tags from EVER coming back?. ...
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How can we flag a migrated question?

Recent changes to question migrations change how question history is displayed. The link to the migration source site no longer leads to the question on the source site. Instead, it now links to the ...
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Burninate and blacklist "custom" tag [closed]

As seen here, there was already an effort to burninate custom. However, there are now still questions with that tag, although the tag wiki asks users to not post with it. I think that we should ...
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