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Could there be a bit of reputation leakage between the sites, please? [duplicate]

It's a bit frustrating that, even though I'm above rep 100 on Stack Overflow, I'm still restricted with the most basic 'idiot prevention' limits on the other sites as I start there. Really, is it ...
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How do reputation bonuses for associations between accounts work? [duplicate]

I've just joined super user, and I've associated my super user account with other accounts (at least one of which has >200 reputation), but my SU account still has a reputation of 1. Is it working ...
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Do Stack Exchange Staff start with 101 reputation? [duplicate]

I have seen and experienced reputation 1 at the beginning. But I have encountered a few people where they have already got 101 rep in their wallets without answering or asking even once. As far as I ...
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How can someone have 101 reputation on multiple SE sites? [duplicate]

I came across this account and noticed that it has got a reputation of exactly 101 on more than 20 Stack Exchange platforms, even without posting any question or answer (see image below). At first I ...
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Sudden Gain of 100 Reputation Points [duplicate]

Not long ago I suddenly received 100 points in every Stack Exchange site I was a member of. I got 100 points just for signing up in Meta Stack Exchange. Is this a glitch, or a planned change?
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Reputation across Stack Exchange sites [duplicate]

I am new to Stack Exchange and have participated in two sites. I want to know if reputation works across Stack Exchange sites. For example, if I have 20 reputation points in Ask Ubuntu, can I post a ...
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10 reputation requirement to answer a question, but I have 101 [duplicate]

I frequently browse popular stack questions that appear on the right side of any site. Every now and then I find myself capable and willing to voice opinion/answer a question. This is why I pushed my ...
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Bonus rep for 200 rep + Meta? [duplicate]

I have 201 rep on What exactly does this mean and how will it apply to me? "If you have a registered account on other sites in our network, such as Stack Overflow, Server Fault, ...
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How can a user earn almost 100 reputation points with no upvoted questions and no profiles on other sites? [duplicate]

This profile here got almost 100 reputation points & 30 votes casted & no upvoted questions. So there is no way to achieve 100 reputation points. It only joined in movies community only. ...
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User has for each not active account 5 x 101 Points - is that possible? [duplicate]

I noticed a user with 6 account who seams to have only 1 account active. Is there a mistake or is it something I didn't ...
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99 reputation yet getting "Earn 10 reputation in order to answer this question" [duplicate]

Asking this here because I think this is very likely to be a general behaviour. Some months ago I wrote an answer to a question in Software Engineering that got very bad feedback (two negative votes ...
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Could we transfer the comment privilege? [duplicate]

I know why the 50 reputation requirement exists. Mainly to prevent spam and unhelpful comments by new users. My issue is: When I come from other Stack Exchange sites and collected some reputation ...
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If you don't have 200 rep anywhere when you join a new site, is the Association Bonus added later? [duplicate]

When a user with >200 reputation on a Stack Exchange site joins another Stack Exchange site, they get a reputation boost, but is this boost only when the user first joins the new site? That is, ...
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account association for 100 StackOverflow rep [duplicate]

I have just created a new account on How can I earn 100 rep on my StackOverflow account? I've read a number of posts on stackexchange regarding account ...
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Meta restrictions even if other accounts have enough rep? [duplicate]

Why, even if you have a lot of reputation on one site, can you not participate in meta on another you have just joined? Should you be able to partcipate straight away? After all, I assume that the ...
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