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What are "Community Wiki" posts?

Some questions and answers are marked Community Wiki and are owned by a community wiki user: (In fact, this very question is one of them) Why have Community Wiki posts? How do Community Wiki posts ...
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Bounty-like facility for rewarding excellent questions

Amongst the reasons for starting a bounty, one can select: Reward existing answer One or more of the answers is exemplary and worthy of an additional bounty. Why not enable one to reward ...
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Update the Markdown help to reflect the modern realities of Stack Exchange 2.0

On technical sites, the Markdown help page rightly begins with guidance on formatting code. But the page is reused on non-technical sites where code formatting is either completely unnecessary or co-...
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Am I allowed to bounty for other reasons?

I added a bounty to this question stating: The bounty will go to the best implementation of a right click jQuery plugin. Preferably one to add/remove right click events from a selector with ease. ...
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Why are heavily downvoted answers not dimmed if the question is locked?

The popular question about improving a Markdown help formatting example has just been locked. (Disclaimer: I have no problem with that, it was a fun and IMHO efficient way to solve that very specific ...
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Comments in a programming code

On Stack Overflow, many people are asking questions with the following type of programming code: a = 123; b = 345; // g = funGet(a,b); // COMMENT g = a + b; When editing the question (for improving ...
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Could you please put a link to the Markdown help in the SO faq?

It took me ages to find the excellent and comprehensive help for Markdown at It's not in the SO faq, and it's referenced in very few of the questions ...
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Will Meta change to Summer Loving as well?

I've been reading up on the Summer of Love blog posts, with the latest being "hunting of the snark". Though, if one is to make a change in comments and phrasing to welcome new users, shouldn't the ...
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Markdown editing help code example doesn't preserve the spaces

The Markdown editing help page currently leads with this code example: printf("%d\n", 42); /* What was the question again? */ (This quote excludes the four highlighted spaces at the ...
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Why Isn't Editing Help on the FAQ's Section? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Add link to /editing-help in FAQ I've seen a couple of requests regarding Add link to /editing-help in FAQ but it apparently only picked up four votes. Is there a good ...
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