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Are good practices really that opinion based? [duplicate]

I asked this question and it was put on hold as opinion based in less than an hour. A few months ago, I asked another question about good practices and it got squashed quickly as well. I didn't ...
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Why "the best choice" or "possible options" questions are always downvoted [duplicate]

Every time I am starting to work in a new programming field, I have a lot of questions, obviously. I am usually able to find answers on various forums or to figure them by my own. Once in a while ...
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Concept of "Industry Standard" / "Best Practice" [duplicate]

I understand that principle of asking for "opinion-based" is not welcome on SO, but those questions are very important to development and mastering specific technology field. Should there be ...
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Why are best practice questions not well-received? [duplicate]

In my programming journey, I have been able to solve problems by writing spaghetti code and copying and pasting it through out my solution, as long as it works. So not so long ago, I reached a stage ...
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Could a best-practice question be a good fit for Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I wonder if questions that ask about a best practice in a particular programming area might be a good fit for Stack Overflow? Answers to these questions are very often based on an experience instead ...
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Where should I ask a question about processes? [duplicate]

I have a question on how to be compliant with all mail server's expectations, but it's not a technical question about how to configure the mail server itself. It's more about respecting best practices ...
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Which computer science / programming Stack Exchange sites do I post on?

There seems to be more than a few computer science/programming Stack Exchange sites. Stack Overflow, being the first, has by far the most users, questions, and answers. What is the reasoning for ...
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This CoC is getting out of control--it's eating zombies now

One of the best answers on this website was deleted late last year. Why is asking a question on "best practice" a bad thing? Well, actually, it wasn't just deleted, the answerer was struck ...
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How to ask best practice questions?

Somewhat extension of: How can I ask a question that can be answered with a better approach? In a related question there was a comment saying it was possible to ask "concretly about pros and cons". ...
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Why should this question have been reopened? [duplicate]

I was doing some reviews today, and I stumbled upon a question in the "Reopen Votes" queue that I decided to leave closed, while it was apparently an audit. Here is the audit that I failed. I'm ...
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Why is the best-practices tag not allowed on SO any more? [closed]

I have nothing to add to the title: Why is the [best-practices] tag not allowed on SO any more?
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Close reason: off-topic as asks for best-practices or ways of usage [closed]

I just visited this post on SO, here's an excerpt for containment sake: Ways of formatting an AngularJS directive template What ways of formatting do you use for formatting templates in ...
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Where to ask good practice questions? [duplicate]

OK, I got it. There has been plenty of zombies asking dumb good practice questions. And yes, most of the good practice questions lead to opinion-based answers. But then, good practices a essential ...
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Which website to ask question and get suggestions related to programming language (i.e. Laravel) ? ) [duplicate]

I want some programming suggestion, say for example, in Laravel Programming language, I have a question about whether we should or must remove public folder or not for best practices. Shall we remove ...
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Which community should I use for best practices regarding TFS version control?

I have a question regarding how to set up my TFS directories, but it's not a right-or-wrong-answer question. Which StackExchange community should I pose my question to?
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