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The Many Memes of Meta

Catchphrases and concepts that spread from person to person are known as memes, which, courtesy the Internet, can now explode across the Earth like a highly contagious virus (hence "going viral&...
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Dealing with "Find out who's going to buy the croissants" [closed]

On Stack Overflow at the moment, there is a popular question which is currently high in the Hot Questions feed: So far it has been closed twice (once by the ...
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Help design our Stack Overflow t-shirts [closed]

In the spirit of How would you design a Stack Overflow T-Shirt?, Michael came up with these three mockups (in answers). Please vote and comment, or — if you're feeling extra frisky — ...
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Stickers for Stackers (i.e. post your sticker shots!)

UPDATE: For those feeling left out of the sticker party, details on how to obtain stickers are now on the blog! Look what arrived in the mail yesterday - stickers! Thanks Jeff! First, I put a ...
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Why was the original boat programming question deleted? [closed]

The original boat programming question very well known on Stack Overflow, and is now used as an expression to refer to any question that has nothing to do with programming, but is written as "as a ...
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Why was the "How to launch a missile" question deleted? [closed]

There was a funny question ("How to launch a missile?"), highly upvoded by the community, that was closed and almost reopened before I went to bed. I woke up today to the fact that it was wiped off ...
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Why is this question about googling closed as off topic? [closed]

The question: Tips for using Google when looking for C stuff, rather than C++? The FAQ says the following: We feel the best Stack Overflow questions have a bit of source code in them, but if ...
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How can we encourage down-voting over deletion on answers?

It frustrates me how often I run into threads like Proper use cases for Android UserManager.isUserAGoat()? which have more deleted posts than non-deleted posts. In this case, some of them are ...
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Why are answered, favorited and upvoted questions like this one closed as off-topic? [duplicate]

I don't quite understand what was the point of closing The question was able to get an answer with 4 up-votes! It was favorited and up-...
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Why do basic questions that show no signs of research or anything get hundreds of upvotes, but other detailed questions get downvoted? [duplicate]

Exactly as the question title states, I see people on Stack Overflow ask "How does slicing work in Python?" and get 400 upvotes and all the answers have 600 + upvotes, but when some users ...
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Is this question on stack overflow really off topic?

I posted this question How do you write quality code under duress? And it has been closed as off-topic. Now I suppose I've already gotten my money's worth out of it, but I'm wondering how a ...
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Do we need to remove the closer "not constructive" from specialty focused sites?

I asked a question over at that was closed as not constructive. While this question may not fit in the narrow guidelines of what SE is looking for it is definitely not ...
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Why am I downvoted when I ask about other programmer's experience on Stack Overflow?

I asked about the experience that other programmers had about a specific programming language, a question that really makes sense. But I was immediately downvoted with no explanation. Is this a ...
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Images in meta T-shirt questions seem to have become spam? [duplicate]

I was looking at the boat programming meme explanation, which leads to this Meta.SE question about T-shirts, and then from there, this one. However, as you can see in this answer and in the latter ...
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