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SO points changed (+50) for no reason [duplicate]

My rep on SO went up by 50 just after the site was offline. It says that I get +50 for the question Object Technolgy / Object-Oriented Technology implemented in Relational Databases (deleted, 10K ...
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What happened to my bounty on this closed question?

It seems that this question was closed as not constructive. While I could argue on the "not constructive" part, especially because it was already protected and made a CW, I'd be especially interested ...
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I accidentally gave the wrong person a bounty, who can I contact to undo? [duplicate]

I was reading a comment that I assumed to be from the person who I intended to give the bounty to and accidentally clicked +50 for the wrong answer. Sorry I was in the middle of doing something else ...
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Who wrote the Microsoft case study about Stack Overflow?

I just happened to notice this case study (archived), published two years ago. It explains how Stack Overflow is using ASP.NET MVC to gain high performance, fast development and easier testing and ...
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How does deletion affect previous unawarded bounties?

I see When a question that had bounties is deleted, are they automatically refunded? is very similar, but this is discussing bounties that expired and were awarded and may have been refunded by a ...
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What questions with bounty can be deleted?

Quoting from "How does the bounty system work?" Do I get the reputation back when question I placed bounty that was already awarded is being deleted? Yes. The change is not immediate like other ...
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