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Place to ask questions about product/service recommendations [duplicate]

Is there any place in the SE network where I can ask this question? I'm looking for a PHP/MySQL form generator (free or paid) that meets the following specifications: Must generate HTML, CSS, ...
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How or where should 'good list' questions be asked? Many are marked 'not constructive' on stack overflow [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to ask a “Recommended design / tool for the job” question correctly, and where? I'm often in need of recommended solutions to problems. E.g. what is a good regular ...
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Where am I supposed to ask a question about recommending a platform to code on? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to ask a “Recommended design / tool for the job” question correctly, and where? I want to discuss possible platforms to code projects on (Java Swing versus web development ...
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Where in the (Stack Exchange) world can I initiate a programming-related discussion? [duplicate]

I fired up Stack Overflow just now and entered in the search "best jquery tooltip plugin", and was met with a fine collection of perfectly clickable candidates ... many of which have been closed as ...
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How to ask a broad question on SO? [closed]

How do I ask questions on Stack Overflow when the premise of the question requires a lot of background? This question is a good example. I've read the guidelines on how to ask a question several ...
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How to get product recommendations [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What Stack Exchange site would address software suggestion questions? I have a question of the form "what companies provide service X?" I checked meta, and apparently such ...
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How to ask best practice questions?

Somewhat extension of: How can I ask a question that can be answered with a better approach? In a related question there was a comment saying it was possible to ask "concretly about pros and cons". ...
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Which site should I use for my question? And where do I find this info? - Stack Exchange's Site Directory

When creating a new question I want to post it on the most relevant site. But what site is that? E.g. I know from experience that is programming related, but otherwise I look at the ...
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What is the site-rec tag for if recommendations are off-topic?

If recommendations are mostly off-topic across Stack Exchange, how is that the site-rec exists? Q: Recommend me a SE site where I can ask about X recommendation A: None, recommendations are ...
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Where to ask questions about programming tools recommendations? [duplicate]

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