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Is it OK to close a question as an exact duplicate of a question that was asked later? [duplicate]

I found this question here on Meta from 2009, and it was closed recently as a duplicate of a question that was posted much later! Why is that? It's not just that older questions can't be duplicates ...
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Closing an earlier post as a duplicate of a later one [duplicate]

Suppose there are two questions that are very obviously duplicates of one another. The one that came first has maybe a few votes and no answers. The second has double the votes of the first and ...
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Why is an older question marked as duplicate [duplicate]

I asked a question, but now it has been marked as duplicate. When checking, the referred to question is actually newer. Why isn't the other question marked as duplicate? The duplicate-text also seems ...
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Which duplicate questions should be closed? [duplicate]

When a question (probably with several answers) that was asked a long time ago gets bumped via an edit or another answer sometimes it is discovered that there are duplicate questions. In most cases ...
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"This question have been asked before and already has an answer" duplicate of a future post? [duplicate]

I've seen the behavior on occasion and are a bit curious of the ruling. How can a post be marked as a duplicate of post which wasn't there at the time of the original post? The most recent example I'...
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How do I flag highly upvoted duplicates? [duplicate]

Question 1 Question 2 These two questions have a lot of upvotes and their answers also carry a lot of votes. Now, I decided to flag one of them as a duplicate of the other. How do I decide which of ...
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Double posts: close the older or newer one? [duplicate]

I sometimes come across double posts (the exact same question, same user, posted within a short time). An example is this: first, second, posted with a minute or two between them. My reaction was to ...
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Old questions marked as duplicate of newer ones? [duplicate]

I have seen a few questions which have been marked as duplicate although they the questions have been asked before the question they are marked duplicate of. For eg, This question (I will call this ...
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Should a very popular question be closed as a duplicate of one that is older but extremely less popular? [duplicate]

Should a very popular question be closed as a duplicate one that is older but extremely less popular? I ask because Do you print your source code? If so why? was closed as a duplicate of the older ...
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Should a question be closed as "duplicate" when the cited "original" was asked **after** the first one? [duplicate]

While doing my time in the review queue, this question (question A) came up as a possible duplicate, with this question (question B) cited as the "best original." Being a thorough person, I checked ...
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Shouldn't the newer questions be marked as duplicate and not the earlier ones? [duplicate]

Example: The Stack Overflow question What is the reason behind "non-static method cannot be referenced from a static context"? asked in 2008 is marked as duplicate of Non-static variable ...
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Duplicates where the newer question is the more valuable one [duplicate]

These two questions: q1, q2 appear to be duplicates. In my opinion, the newer question is better than the older one. How should we handle cases like this? Related Questions How to handle duplicates
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Original question being marked as duplicate of a question that should be duplicate [duplicate]

So here is a question that was asked on SO on Jan 2 '11 at 16:32 Can we instantiate an abstract class? and the other question that was asked on SO on Dec 2 '12 at 16:01 Interview : Can we ...
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A duplicated question with bad writing and bad tagging but better answers [duplicate]

The first question was asked, with all possible tags, but received no long answers. A few months later, the second question was asked without address the first one. The second was poorly worded with ...
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What to do when a question is flagged as duplicate, while new good answers are provided [duplicate]

I asked a question whithout paying attention that it was already answered in StackExchange, I understand and agree that this question should be marked as duplicate. But, what should we do when that ...
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