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Serial voting should not be reversed when all of the posts belong to a single question [duplicate]

Our community took (or is indefinitely taking) a poll on our meta. The question has 14 answers, 12 of which are all posted by the same user. By the looks of it, some votes were reversed due to the ...
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Serial vote reversal strangeness? Bug or feature? [duplicate]

Something strange has been happening on meta.SciFi recently... Someone started a poll to see if people wanted to change the name of the main chat room. But at least twice now, I've voted on the ...
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If a user upvotes answers to a question and I have multiple answers there, it is hardly serial voting [duplicate]

Today I had "serial upvoting" reversed and lost 40 rep. But it is hardly can be called serial voting: seems that a user was voting for requests he liked in this recent post and also voted for 4 of my ...
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Will voting on many community wiki questions from the same user trigger serial voting? [duplicate]

Over on scifi.meta.SE, there is a question with lots of answers by the same person which are options for users to vote on. In this comment by Rand al'Thor, Rand warns that voting quickly on lots of ...
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Help us test the shiny new "User Activity" page! (Plus a bunch of new features.) [duplicate]

We've launched! Please give feedback here. Today, we're shipping the new "Activity Page" of the Profile here on Meta SE, so you can test it out and hopefully share some feedback and ...
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Should this be picked up by the vote fraud detecting algorithm?

Some time ago, I added an entry to the SO C++ FAQ community effort, which deals with C++ operator overloading. For that piece I had spent half a Sunday I was supposed to spend building something out ...
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What is a statistically significant number of up-votes?

Up-votes and down-votes are intended to indicate whether the Stack Exchange community feels a particular answer "is useful", as explained in the FAQ: "When should I vote?". How many up-votes does an ...
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Is serial voting detection script run for meta-sites, too?

I have noticed on one meta site a bunch of nice answer badges awarded to the same user more-or-less around the same time. This can be caused by something else, but nevertheless, it made me think ...
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What happens to positively received meta feature requests? [duplicate]

I recently added two positively received feature requests to this meta site: Don't lock votes on Meta sites Categorized views in past flags (helpful/declined/disputed) On a given moment, these ...
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Why do so many of my carefully researched MSO questions turn out to be duplicates?

I seem to have a hard time finding good answers for my meta questions. I usually have an issue I'm curious about on SO, so I search MSO using appropriate keywords to see if there are any similar ...
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Detect and block question copied exactly from existing questions

Just now I saw this question and this question two questions which are deleted afterwards, which appears to be copied exactly from another existing question, and surprisingly some "users" also ...
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Have a system for 'polls' on Meta and Teams

While it's not a great fit for our "core" Q&A experience, I've found over time that for the process of running the community, we often do ugly things with Q&A engine in order to get ...
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Remove answer rate limit for community moderators

A few minutes ago I set up a poll on Meta.Mathematica using multiple answers as vote options. I ran into this rate limiter: I do not see the point of limiting community moderators in this way ...
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