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What can be done about the massive Close Votes queue on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

There are (at the time of writing this; see edits at bottom of post) 54.2k questions with close votes on the review page on Stack Overflow. Unlike the other review tasks, which all usually return to 0 ...
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How can the Close Vote review queue be improved? [duplicate]

Check the Review stats for Stack Overflow. Low quality posts is effectively empty, after previously having thousands and thousands of items. The suggested edits queue is kept low, after previously ...
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26,000 questions have close votes, now what? [duplicate]

In Close Votes expire too soon for low-traffic tags Jeff exclaimed: Brock, this is GENIUS! I am hereby using my super-upvote on this feature-request: Close votes (and probably reopen votes) ...
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Give a broom to anyone who completes 10 close queue reviews successfully in a 24 hour period [duplicate]

Remember Winter Bash? How fun was that? I propose that we give a virtual broom to everyone who completes 10 reviews in any 24 given hour period. The broom would only last for 24 hours, so to keep it,...
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Close votes daily limit increase [duplicate]

Due to large number of reviews waiting do be done - at the time about 46,000 - did you consider - maybe temporary increase daily close votes limit from 40 to higher number ? I know there is limit ...
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Close votes policy review [duplicate]

There are currently 47.5k questions with close votes. This seems to be quite a problem in my opinion and I think the close vote policy needs to be reviewed. A few suggestions: Higher reputation users ...
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An alternative approach to the close queue [duplicate]

Here's an alternative proposal for the close queue. Two queues. Queue #1 shows only questions that are no more than 24 hours old. The site would use this queue to get attention onto ...
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Should we reduce the required reputation to review close votes? [duplicate]

I have tried to find a duplicate of the question but not able to. so please excuse me if there is a duplicate of this. This is my suggestion that we should reduce reputation cap require to review "...
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A non-competitive, chat-based event for reviewing close-votes? [duplicate]

tl;dr "Many hands make light work." Based on the belief that incentivizing moderation (e.g. close-votes reviews) via competition can undermine the integrity and quality of said moderation, this is ...
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Too many of my flags are active; is there no one to review/decline? [duplicate]

I am talking about moderator attention Flags I have flagged many questions, some of them were reviewed very soon but some still remain active. I have some active flags that are older than a month. Is ...
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How can I make a bigger dent in close vote reviews? [duplicate]

I have 40 close votes per day, which I can go through in 15-20 minutes on reviews (or much less if I filter to opinion-based/too-broad). The current close vote queue size is 90.7k. At 4 remaining ...
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Close Vote Review - Can we just get a Community Wiki on this? [duplicate]

Seriously, in just the last few hours we have: Close Votes review: I'm going on a strike! Reward me for my community service Allow direct linking to a filtered /review queue Display the number of ...
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Stack Overflow review tasks: close votes [duplicate]

I have been doing review tasks on Stack Overflow for some time now, and I notice the following trend: there are at most 10 review tasks of each kind except for close votes where there at about 50,000 ...
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Hiding queue counts to avoid the 'Starfish*' effect [duplicate]

Disclaimer: I haven't reviewed in ages. I just see 55k and think, What's the point? This leads me to wonder if it might not make a psychological difference (and maybe calm the robo-reviewers?) If ...
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Reviewing Close Votes, is just too painful, make it easier [duplicate]

I have been reviewing close voted questions for a while now. And I am not feeling encouraged to close questions since the numbers are just growing. I feel really responsible for allowing SO to have so ...
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