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Close Vote Funnel and Metrics

Since the recent change to Close-Votes the number of votes in the Close review queue has been growing dramatically. This has been discussed. Most of these discussions center around whether there is ...
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Allow 1k users to review close votes, but count them only as 0.25 actual close votes

Wow.... 66.6k close votes at SO, and despite my willingness I cannot assist in revising them. It certainly makes sense that only >3k users who can vote to close can also review these votes, but I ...
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Daily Close-Vote review queue [closed]

The close-vote review queue gets bigger and bigger every day. Some say they are discouraged by the sheer number of outstanding close-votes. What can we do to encourage reviewing? Display a fake ...
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What's the hold-up on dealing with the duplicate question problem?

So, given the lack of progress on Give an incentive for finding duplicate questions or Huge close votes review queue on Stack Overflow, I decided to stop marking questions as duplicate and start ...
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Reward me for my community service

Guess what... The queue again. So many good proposals, and these are only the ones in the feed right now. Close review queue rep A non-competitive, chat-based event for reviewing close-votes? ...
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Novice questions approval queue [duplicate]

Close vote review queue grows fast! Currently it has 101.7k questions pending. My idea, based on a simple research from this answer is to introduce another queue that will partially balance the close ...
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Why my this question has been closed when there are many like it at SO? [closed]

There are hundreds of questions regarding make my code DRY in SO. I don't know why my question has been closed?
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Accidental "Leave Open" [duplicate]

The Close Review Queue is not pleasant. Jumped in as soon has hitting 3000. Failed two audits yesterday, and now I've managed to fat-mouse a Leave Open on this:
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Frequently closed questions

The close votes review tasks are now 50k+ and rising. There are some frequent patterns, like: if your question is What is the best...? it is likely to be closed as not constructive if your question ...
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Aggressive closing of questions suggestion [closed]

Look, I know this question may have been asked before, but not by me and not in my context and experiences. I just noticed this question over at Server Fault and would like to ask who it is that is ...
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Can we implement the low quality flags to delete posts after a certain number of flags?

Can we implement the low quality flag to be like the abuse or spam flags. So if a certain number of low quality flags are made (say 6) on a post (whether it be a questions or an answer) the post is ...
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Close vote review queue reorganization proposal

There is a problem with the close vote queue that it seems it won't ever go away. There are always proposals to increase the number of allowed items you can do a day, but that alone won't help, as the ...
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Roll implicit "filter of the day" for reviewers having default settings

Purpose of this feature request is to help SO CV reviewers understand how filter works. For why this is considered important, refer 1, 2, 3. Suggest that reviewers having default settings would be ...
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Automatically filter the Close Votes review queue to active tags for newbies

I am a little puzzled over this subject. Why does the number of items in the "close votes review queue" is always increasing? Compared to "suggested edits" - there are fewer items in the close votes ...
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Timeout in the close review queue when filtering by tags

I set the tag filter on the close review queue on Stack Overflow to ocamllex. (YES! Finally the close review queue is usable.) All I see is the “loading item” message for a while, then a popup tells ...
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