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Hiding queue counts to avoid the 'Starfish*' effect [duplicate]

Disclaimer: I haven't reviewed in ages. I just see 55k and think, What's the point? This leads me to wonder if it might not make a psychological difference (and maybe calm the robo-reviewers?) If ...
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Automatically filter the Close Votes review queue to active tags for newbies

I am a little puzzled over this subject. Why does the number of items in the "close votes review queue" is always increasing? Compared to "suggested edits" - there are fewer items in the close votes ...
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Ask for a filter before a user performs a reviews

I recently learned that you can filter your review queues by tag using the Filter link next to the queue. This would have been very useful to know when starting reviews. Would it be possible to ...
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Close Vote Review - Can we just get a Community Wiki on this? [duplicate]

Seriously, in just the last few hours we have: Close Votes review: I'm going on a strike! Reward me for my community service Allow direct linking to a filtered /review queue Display the number of ...
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Roll implicit "filter of the day" for reviewers having default settings

Purpose of this feature request is to help SO CV reviewers understand how filter works. For why this is considered important, refer 1, 2, 3. Suggest that reviewers having default settings would be ...
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Aggressive closing of questions suggestion [closed]

Look, I know this question may have been asked before, but not by me and not in my context and experiences. I just noticed this question over at Server Fault and would like to ask who it is that is ...
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Can we implement the low quality flags to delete posts after a certain number of flags?

Can we implement the low quality flag to be like the abuse or spam flags. So if a certain number of low quality flags are made (say 6) on a post (whether it be a questions or an answer) the post is ...
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A non-competitive, chat-based event for reviewing close-votes? [duplicate]

tl;dr "Many hands make light work." Based on the belief that incentivizing moderation (e.g. close-votes reviews) via competition can undermine the integrity and quality of said moderation, this is ...
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Stack Overflow review tasks: close votes [duplicate]

I have been doing review tasks on Stack Overflow for some time now, and I notice the following trend: there are at most 10 review tasks of each kind except for close votes where there at about 50,000 ...
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Close vote review queue reorganization proposal

There is a problem with the close vote queue that it seems it won't ever go away. There are always proposals to increase the number of allowed items you can do a day, but that alone won't help, as the ...
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From bull to bear - what can be done to decrease the mass of close votes? [duplicate]

Sure enough a lot of work is done on the close review queue, which steadily approaches a total of a first million all-time reviews. But unfortunately, the queue still seems to grow at a rate of ...
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Should Close Votes review queue be presented 'oldest first'?

When reviewing Close Votes, it looks as if they are presented from the most recent back in time. Do I see this correctly? (If this premise is incorrect my question can be closed right now ;-) because ...
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Filter review queues based on favorite tags and auto ignore the filter if it doesn't return any results

It's easier for me to review posts that are tagged with one of my favorite tags, because I am more likely able to decide the correct action for the review task. Therefore I think that reviewing could ...
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How can we address the relative imbalance in the review queue lengths? [duplicate]

In an effort to unashamedly pursue cool looking hats like these improve the quality of the glorious SO forums, it seems that whereas the Close Votes queue looks my work inbox after spending so much ...
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How to handle ever-increasing number questions pending closure in the review section [duplicate]

Ever since I gained 3000 rep on SO, I've noticed that the number of questions pending review for closure has increased consistently. It must have been 2 or 3 months ago that I first got rep to start ...
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