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Why are all the "+1 for foo..." replies out there? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Are all the “+1” comments really necessary? I see a lot of these and I think it's just noise... If you voted up, why does everyone need to know that you did it? ...
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What's with all the rude comments recently?

Maybe I've led a sheltered life until recently, but it really seems that comments are getting ruder and ruder. I've seen on questions by new users (rep of 1), particularly those for whom English is a ...
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Should moderators delete obsolete and resolved comment threads?

These types of comment discussions are pretty common: @AuthorX: In your post, I think you meant "you're", not "your". - user1234 35 mins ago Oh, thanks. It's fixed now. - AuthorX 30 minutes ...
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"Belongs on" comments

This is related to this question. I think we should discourage "Belongs on S[OFU]" type comments. I think they encourage the OP to go to the indicated site and re-ask the question. Flagging/voting to ...
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Is the official comment policy obsolete, and should we change it?

Here's what the "comment everywhere" privilege page currently states: When should I comment? Comments are intended to: provide feedback on posts add relevant, but minor, information to ...
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Should we flag comments that only praise an answer? [duplicate]

I'm sure we've all seen many comments that look like this: I'd +2 this answer if I could. Very helpful +1, this is an awesome answer! OMG, thank you so much, great answer! I wish I could give ...
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Allow for setting comments to "auto-expire", to become "temporary comments"

Meanwhile, in August 2009 "noise" was added as reason for comment flagging, and the comment flags show in the 10k tools. And Allow low-rep users to suggest edits is on its way. Hence: I don't care for ...
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Are ban suggestions a legitimate reason for using mod flags?

When you cross paths with a troll or otherwise troublesome user on an SE site, is it okay to submit a mod flag that says something like "hey, check out user X in the comments, I think he might deserve ...
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If many comments are deleted by flagging, then show them as deleted for some time?

I do not know if many comments are actually flagged and deleted. But if many are deleted due to flagging, then what about showing those using some strikethrough and an explanatory tooltip for (say) ...
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Flag tooltip mentions "unconstructive"

The tooltip for flagging comments is now: flag this comment as unconstructive, offensive, or spam I searched meta, and I have to conclude that the tooltip is the only place where "unconstructive" is ...
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Should comments enjoy the same protection as other posts?

Personally I don't care much one way or the other since I don't normally put a ton into comments besides trying to clarify a question or answer. However, this has come up in a big way over the past ...
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Are moderators notified about flagged comments? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How does comment voting and flagging work? Since the comment-flagging-system is pretty autonomous (enough flags and the comment will be deleted and a punishment will be issued)...
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Change flag tooltip for comment flags

Given that the flag mechanism has been expanded and improved for both questions and answers and taking into consideration these two questions that ended up more or less with a 'you should flag more' ...
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I flagged a "thank you" comment as "it's no longer needed" and it was autodeleted: was there a change I'm unaware of? [duplicate]

Just now I flagged a comment on this answer that said nothing other than ~"thank you, that's helpful" and it was deleted immediately. I did not know this was a feature. Moreover, I didn't ...
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