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Decision on rejected edits should be displayed as a notification to the editor

Update, April 2014: I fully support Shog9's proposal of adding the message where it belongs—in the actual editing form. This is less intrusive than displaying it as a notification, but it serves the ...
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Why can any user edit any other user's question or answer?

I see an "edit" link after each question and answer. So I was wondering: how come any user can change any other user's question or answer? I think the reason behind it is that each one can share their ...
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Should I bring the behaviour of an obvious robot-reviewer to the attention of the moderators, and how?

As the title of this question asks, should I? There's a particular user I've come across via this suggestion that has approved 239 edit suggestions and rejected none. The pattern of their activity log ...
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Drop delay for "Skip" and increase it for "action" review buttons

On some review items, I would like to skip them right away, but the skip button is disabled for some time. Would it be possible not to disable the skip button? For example, when reviewing questions ...
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This post was of very poor quality?

I'm a bit embarrassed to admit this, but I failed the review honeypot at (The question is at How to create a link text in a table using c#.) I ...
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Additional requirement for Steward or Reviewer badge to help new reviewers learn about using "Skip"

I propose to add a requirement for the steward-badge or reviewer-badge to help reviewers "Learn to love that Skip button". I believe that ignoring "Skip" in current badge requirements tends to ...
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What can I do when my edit was rejected unjustified

I suggested this edit to an answer after evaluating both the problem and the solution with the right ingredients. I read question, answers, and comments carefully before I suggested the edit, because ...
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What do I do about poor review of my edits?

It's clear that the reviewers didn't understand this suggested edit. It's a bug-fix. I had to add a comment to make it more than 6 characters though. What can I do? I tried to edit it a second time ...
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Can we review a review?

Someone suggested this edit to one of my posts. It fixed an actual problem in the code; I had used the wrong variable in the loop, which meant my code wouldn't work. It was just intended to be a quick ...
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Questions on when to flag

I raised a flag on this answer because the information in the answer is incorrect. The person who answered put gci = Get-Content which is incorrect. gci is the alias to Get-ChildItem not Get-Content....
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Editing Philosophy

Just read a couple MSO posts about editing guidelines, after seeing my edit getting rejected. I had stumbled upon an old question that somehow made it onto the front page, and saw a great answer ...
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Was it appropriate to approve this suggested edit?

An edit was suggested to an answer for a somewhat old question: Delete UserName from Git repository? (both asked and answered on June 5, 2011). The suggestion was approved by all the reviewers. The ...
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Why were my suggested edits rejected?

Now, I'll start off by saying that I'm mostly a SU contributer. SO is normally just a resource I refer to, and I rarely contribute there so I am not very familiar with some specifics of the site. ...
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Should an edit that fixes a clear mistake in line with the original post's intent be approved?

I tried making two different edits to a post. The first was not approved because it "should have been a comment," which while I'm on the fence about I do feel is entirely fair because I added in text ...
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Why is this answer VLQ ? (audit) [closed]

I've come across an audit I failed while reviewing the VLQ queue. The question was about a PHP hit counter that wasn't working (it was due to an incorrect filename extension). The answer was: ...
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Best way to handle suggested edits to accepted answers

I recently was presented with this edit: In general, what's the feeling on allowing an edit of an accepted answer, and one that has so many ...
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