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Reviewing low quality posts: when to delete [duplicate]

When reviewing low-quality posts, the help text explains: Looks Good if nothing is wrong with this answer Edit if you can fix all the problems with this answer Recommend Deletion to ...
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How can we prevent or discourage people from closing questions about which they know little or nothing? [duplicate]

There is not a week that goes by that I do not see a question that was closed for "This question needs details or clarity" and yet the question is perfectly clear to me. My hypothesis is ...
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How are suggested edits in the review queue to be handled? [duplicate]

I recently crossed 2k rep on SO, which got me access to the review queue for suggested edits. I am not clear on what basis edits are to be accepted/rejected. I did a search for FAQ and suggested edits ...
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How do I learn how to review on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

On gaining extra review privileges I wanted to know the rules for reviewing. There is no link from the review privilege descriptions. After some searching I found this question. It would be good if ...
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What would be a guide to review first-post? [duplicate]

I find a lack of coherency between the many people that review in SO specially related to new-users. The actual help says: No Action Needed when this post needs no action from you. I'm Done is ...
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What to do when a question is close-worthy for a different reason? [duplicate]

Suppose I'm reviewing a question which has been edited after being closed. Significant changes have been made, and the result does not fit the original reason for closing the question. However, IMO it ...
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Review help page contains "How do I use the First posts queue?" page, but Meta Stack Exchange doesn't have "First Posts" review queue [duplicate]

Meta Stack Exchange review help page contains "How do I use the First posts queue?" page, but Meta Stack Exchange doesn't have "First Posts" review queue itself. Also in other site'...
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Review queue workflows - Final release

All good things must come to an end and so must the review queues project. This project would not have been successful without the community. Thank you all for the hours of reviewing, testing, and ...
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Improving Review Queues - Design overview I: Onboarding and updating workflows

This is one of three project announcements for Improving Review Queues. We’ve summarized the project objectives and goals here. As a reminder, this project is still in the early stages of discovery. ...
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Your answer is in another castle: when is an answer not an answer?

I think we can all agree, this sucks: If you've been around a little while, you've probably encountered hundreds of answers like this in various forums, some of them even marked as "The Answer&...
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What can we do to stop bad edits getting accepted?

A worryingly high number of bad suggested edits get accepted. For example: edits that add bad formatting to random words edits that break the formatting of a block of code edits that add wrong tags ...
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What are the “spam” and “rude or abusive” (offensive) flags, and how do they work?

When flagging, there are two special case options: spam and rude or abusive. What is spam, and when should I flag content as such? What is considered offensive, rude or abusive content? How does the ...
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The time of automatic review bans should be increased with every new ban

The way the current auto-bans for reviews work is rather suboptimal. Somebody who's really after the badges and doesn't care whether they're banned for two days can just continue clicking through, ...
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What are the review queues, and how do they work?

I see a "review" link on the top of the page, which takes me to a few "review queues". What is a "review queue"? What are the various queues for? What can I do in each queue? Return to FAQ index
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Can we raise the bar for reputation for late answers to bypass the review queue?

I would like to raise the bar for late answers to enter the Late Answers Review Queue to 50 rep, which is the threshold after which users gain the ability to comment. Here are some answers that were ...
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