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Notifications through the web browser [duplicate]

It'd be neat if users could enable Stack Exchange notifications through Safari and Chrome.
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Wouldn't be cool to have desktop notification? [duplicate]

Wouldn't be cool to have desktop notification like those used in the chats for all the notifications (like new comments or new answers) ?
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Can you add optional desktop notifications for new inbox items? [duplicate]

I'm getting real tired of noticing new answers or comments to my questions hours after they were posted because I minimize StackOverflow and resumed working. According to this question's answers you'...
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Get Desktop Notification for achievements and Inbox [duplicate]

Would it be possible to get a desktop notification for achievements and the inbox for Stack Overflow? To get Desktop/ browser notification For Achievements reputation Inbox messages
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How to get notifications for Stack Exchange in the browser [duplicate]

Is there a way to get notifications from Stack Exchange in my browser? I know you can get notifications in the app, but is there a similar feature on the Chrome browser?
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Web page notification [duplicate]

When I receive a reply on a comment or thread I created or opted into on chat channels such as Slack or MS Teams opened in a web browser I receive a small banner that extends from the bottom vertical ...
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Consider add change in status / rep / new notifications to SE favicon

This is my first Q to Meta, I reviewed anything similar before posting, but with no success. I'm pretty new user to SE and like it much, so I have it as pinned tab in my Firefox. Among these I have ...
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How do I get desktop notifications, in Firefox, for the Stack Exchange inbox? [closed]

I was just browsing some Stack Exchange sites the other day, when I thought about how nice it would be to have a little information bubble every time I get a new thing in my SE inbox. I already have ...
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Change favicon when there's a notification

I recently realized that it would be helpful to me (and probably other users as well) if a notification about unread answers would also show in a favicon, for example as a red circle in its top-right ...
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What is the reputation requirement for Web sockets?

After receiving this comment, I discovered that there's a reputation requirement for realtime notification updates: Using my Sock Puppet, I checked that 90 reputation is not sufficient. What is the (...
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Can we please have desktop notifications for questions we've participated in? [duplicate]

How about having desktop notifications enabled for the questions I've asked or participated in? The notifications which set in the header panel will be directly available on my desktop similar to a ...
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