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Humor tolerance in stackexchange engine

I recently responded to a question on stack overflow (don't look it's probably wrong). I tried to post a link to the Mozilla docs about kerning. I always go to the pubs. Well I personally think that "...
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How to put rel="nofollow" link?

How to make a convenient (clickable) link but one which does not advertise the target to search engines? link example
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"Posts can't contain that content" messages fail to point out the offending part of the content [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Sorry, posts can’t contain that content? At Stack Overflow, I found what I consider to be either a bug or a GUI design flaw in Stack Overflow: Oops! Your edit couldn'...
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What's the right behavior with people who are just too lazy to google? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to deal with Google questions I'm pretty new to SO. Today I noticed a question which can be simply answered by using Google. Listing geo-places near a user location I had ...
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Linking to Google search results in an answer

In this answer (via this meta question) the poster links to two google search result pages as part of their answer. Is this a reasonable thing to do, or should we be discouraging it? It seems ...
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