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Fastest Gun in the West Problem

I feel like there's a problem with Stack Overflow, as the number of people prowling it increases. Each question's answers are sorted by descending score and then by descending time of posting. This ...
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Area 51 Commit Percent

How is the commit percent decided for Area 51? I know it is based on rep, but how exactly does it work?
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Does it make sense to answer old questions?

I always wonder if I read questions and nobody ever focused on one special point - I constantly think if it is worth the time to answer them. They usually do not get any upvotes no matter how good ...
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How can we give some boost to some really good answers that arrive late?

It happens sometimes to receive or see a very good answer that arrives very late and that would deserve more upvotes. What can be done to give a boost to them? I would happily spend some of my ...
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Harvesting reputation on old answers

I don't know if this is a new trick, but I have found a way to squeeze some extra reputation on old answers. Say there is a question by another user with many answers where an answer of mine has ...
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What's the incentive to answer old/inactive questions?

I find myself going back through old questions periodically, and I occasionally come across questions on which I feel I can share some insight. My question is: why bother? If the question is old and ...
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Aren't SE sites discouraging additional answers to old popular questions? [closed]

People like getting their answers upvoted and quick. Especially if a lot of effort was put into them. Some of the older questions are quite interesting. People might be getting a new perspective on an ...
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Votes on old answers should decay in order to highlight more recent answers to old questions

As the SE network has expanded and matured, many sites ask questions on topical and constantly evolving issues. Sometimes, new information comes up and people post answers to old questions. However, ...
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Sorting new answers to old questions

I appreciate the mechanisms which help bring attention to new answers to old questions - front page sorting, and the moderation tool explicitly designed for it. But I wonder if we can do more. I'm ...
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Create a new answer order that considers vote count, how old it is, and answer count [duplicate]

This proposal tries to solve How can we make good answers to old questions float to the top? If a new answer to an old question with lots of answers gets a few upvotes, it is a strong indicator that ...
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