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Why was this question asking for a library recommendation closed as not constructive? [duplicate]

This question looking for tips on a certain library for a specific function was closed as not constructive, with a comment "SO is not your research assistant". As a long-time lurker starting to get ...
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Can we have a better canonical reference for our policy against recommendation questions? [duplicate]

Currently, when I need to explain the issues with recommendation questions, I link to Q&A is hard, let's go shopping!. ... except that that's more or less just about shopping recommendations on SU....
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Why was my question closed as "not constructive"? [duplicate]

Is there any way to get feedback on why my question was considered "not constructive" as it was a genuine question, and I want to avoid getting my questions blocked in the future? The question: https:...
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What is wrong with questions about favorite things on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

What is with the ban against Stack Overflow questions concerning preferences? I understand the focus on facts, but information regarding preferences can be very valuable. Some examples: What is your ...
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Is there a Stack Exchange site for product recommendations? [duplicate]

Searching for things online is pretty easy since the invention of search engines. However, there are situations, where you are searching for a product with specific details, which can be a very long ...
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General questions of curiosity [duplicate]

Would it be appropriate to post a message in stackoverflow asking about specific resources one might recommend for learning/tutorials or even game-related methods to learn a subject? (or, is that out ...
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"Recommendation questions" are forbidden. Why? [duplicate]

From what information I've collected, so called "recommendation questions" are forbidden everywhere on StackExchange network. Any explanations why? UPD "I don't like this question, but don't tell you ...
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What Stack Exchange site(s) is (are) appropriate for recommendations of website-building platforms allowing server-side access? [duplicate]

I've come to the point where I need my Squarespace website to do more than the Squarespace platform is designed to do, namely provide server-side access to Node.js and Ajax. Squarespace permits no ...
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What is the XY problem?

What is the XY problem? When asking questions, how do I recognize when I'm falling into it? How do I avoid it? Return to FAQ index Other languages: ES, JA, PT, RU
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Mark questions as duplicate of tag wiki

Prompted by this question, where a user (who happens to have edit permissions on the tag wiki) posted an FAQ as a question in hopes that people would use it to redirect common questions. Is this an ...
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Put a question on hold when it does start to attract opinionated answers and spam, not before

Some questions are put on hold for this reason "..they tend to attract opinionated answers and spam". How about treating users like mature responsible users FIRST and IF AND WHEN the question starts ...
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May I ask anywhere on Stack Exchange about recommendations for drones having certain specifications?

I want to know what models of drone out there, if they exist, comply with my requirements (objective requirements).
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Downvote moderator decisions

Lately I started to find that moderators decisions conflict with the value I get from answers. For example: Is there an online tester for xPath selectors?
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With 2500 upvotes and 5600 favorites why was this question closed? [closed] Why o why did you guys delete all the answers to this question. All the free knowledge and effort put forth by ...
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Which SE site should I use to ask about big data courses?

Which Stack Exchange site should I use to ask about big data courses? I want to get opinions on what free online courses I can enroll.
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