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Are quote answers not answers?

Many people know that link-only answers are not answers, and they are normally deleted, or downvoted or whatever that happens to them. Recently, there's been a bit of buzz surrounding whether quote-...
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Earlier answer edited to duplicate later answer in full

I recently revisited an old answer of mine to an even older question, and was a bit surprised by the changes I saw; I came across this question in 2013. At that point, the question had been asked ...
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Valuable responses to my question are spread over numerous answers. As the asker, how can I make them more visible?

In my recent question on Travel Stack Exchange I attracted a lot of attention (not least in part because it was a hot network question) and I got a lot of answers. Frustratingly, early answers drove ...
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Is it ok to answer based someone's older answer on SE? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is it okay to copy-paste answers from other questions? What to do when plagiarism is discovered? This question will probably be closed in a few minutes. It is a duplicate ...
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What's the punishment for users who copy their answers from other sources (Quora, etc.) without citing them?

I'm curious to know what are the punishment(s) for copy-pasting answers from other sources (not copying an answer from Stack Exchange itself) without citing them.
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Plagiarism tag to identify plagiarized posts

Is there any way we can introduce a tag in Stack Overflow, where the community can tag any question, answer or comment as plagiarism, so that the poster can take a note of it and correct his post ...
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FAQ for Stack Exchange sites

Community FAQ For sites in the Stack Exchange 2.0 network To see a list of commonly used words and phrases, see the glossary. For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. Asking ...
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How should we handle copied content in questions? [duplicate]

Or, in other words: Are the rules around referencing sources different for questions vs. answers? It's well-established that copying other people's content into an answer without citing the original ...
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Sandboxing the FAQ for Stack Exchange sites to make it international

The content was taken from the rev. 233 of FAQ for Stack Exchange sites to test an idea shared on a comment to my answer to Help develop the site and community knowledge base in your language. The ...
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When to credit someone else for an answer [duplicate]

When answering a question, is it appropriate to copy large amounts of content (from somewhere other than SO) and present that as your answer? For example, yesterday a poster asked for clarification ...
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What is the correct way to handle "answer plagiarism"? [duplicate]

Example: User A gives a not-great but working answer User A gets upvotes User A gets accepted answer User B gives the quantifiably best possible answer User B gets more upvotes User A edits answer to ...
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Should the user's name be shown as part of review audits, or some other non-confusing alternative?

I was shown the below answer as part of "First Post" reviews. The name was shown as a different user, with a recent timestamp, and with 0 upvotes. Though,...
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Correct course of action when an answer is nearly word-for-word copied without attribution? [duplicate]

I was searching "C++ returning array from function" on Google when I noticed that the top two results - Stack Overflow and Tutorialspoint - had exactly the same short description beneath the ...
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A Stack Overflow question is copied directly from textbook, does it matter? [duplicate]

I just stumbled across a simple one-sentence computer security question on Stack Overflow that is copied directly from the textbook. No further explanation, nothing done to show any understanding or ...
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How to respond to plagiarized answers [duplicate]

When I discover that an answer has been blatantly stolen from another user's answer I never know whether to comment and ask the user to delete the post or whether to flag it for moderator attention. ...
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