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Maybe it's time to update the code base of Data Explorer?

Not talking about the data, this one appears to be updating regularly which is awesome. Talking about this: There is outdated footer (e.g. "contact us" is still a mailto: link!) and more than a ...
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No Facebook log in for StackExchange Data Explorer

StackExchange Data Explorer allows login with about a dozen open IDs, but, unlike every other Stack Exchange site (in my understanding), Facebook isn't offered as one of the options. Is there a ...
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I'm being logged into Data Explorer as "jon.doe18", why?

Forgive me if I'm just ignorant of some well-known fact that explains this behavior: When I log into Data Explorer with my usual OpenID provider (myOpenID), then I'm logged into the system as http://...
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Two SEDE accounts; please fix and how do I avoid this?

I just found a use for Stack Exchange Data Explorer, so I created an account yesterday in order to favorite a query. Then I logged in (from a different computer) today, and now I have two accounts. ...
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Please merge SEDE accounts, normal options unavailable

Original SEDE account ID: 6306 Newly added account ID: 11949 Please allow my Stack Exchange OpenID on account 6306, and discard/merge account 11949. MyOpenID is not working anymore for the Stack ...
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In data.stackexchange a login action for an existing account created a new user instead

I've been using for a few months now, and I've always used the "Log in using Google" to sign in, but today, I used "Login using Stack Exchange" for the same email. This option created a ...
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"contact us" link in Data Explorer site is outdated

For a while now, the "contact us" link in the footer or every Stack Exchange site points to http://[site]/help (e.g. which is all good. However in the ...
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Why is query name not unique in Data Explorer?

When I searched for the query "How Unsung am I?". I got plenty of records (122) having this query name. Why is Data Explorer not imposing unique constraint in query names?
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Can these accounts on Data.SE please be merged?

Normally getting accounts merged is a straightforward process that can easily be done by a moderator. However, that is definitely not the case over on Data.SE. I have accidentally created two user ...
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Google OpenId provided autologging me as another (possibly dummy) user [duplicate]

I wanted to find the posts eligible for archaeologist badge and came across the following link
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