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What happens to your reputation if you start a bounty and don't get an answer? [duplicate]

What happens if you put a bounty but there's no answer? Do you lose your rep? To whom?
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What happens when a bounty expires? [duplicate]

I have a question for which I have set a 50 point bounty. What happens if I don't award anyone my bounty? Will the points be credited to my reputation? Or will they be wasted since I have not used ...
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Why didn't my Bounty get refunded? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How does the bounty system work? So my bounty expired and there was only one answer rated zero. To my big surprise, the bounty simply disappeared. Lost. I would have expected ...
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is it 'wrong' to upvote lots of answers from the same author to grant them bonus rep? [duplicate]

I've recently come across a few really well written and researched answers contributed by low rep users. I feel like my solitary upvote isn't sufficient reward for their efforts. (Yes, I know that ...
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Can I draw attention to a well deserving answer on my question? [duplicate]

Earlier today I posted this question which yielded a really well-done answer. I'd like to attract attention to this answer in the hope that the answer will get upvoted, as a kind of reward for the ...
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How can I Cancel Bounty On My Question? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How does the bounty system work? I was having a question on stackoverflow which didn't get much attention for a week, I added a bounty of +50 to it. Now I got the solution to ...
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Why was this bounty awarded by the Community user? [duplicate]

I accepted an answer to this question: How to develop a web application compatible with multiple database management systems but the bounty was awarded by Community ♦ to another answer. Why ...
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What was the highest bounty ever posted? [duplicate]

What is the amount of the highest single bounty ever posted? Is there a limit to how much rep you can spend on a single bounty?
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Is it legitimate to award a bounty to a very good answer? [duplicate]

My understanding is bounties are used to attract more viewers for a possible difficult or an urgent question. My question is: what if I already see somebody is answering my question and putting extra ...
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Bounty of 2600? Did the bounty rules change? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How does the bounty system work? Something seems wrong with this post. Have the bounty rules changed? Seems that the same bounty was awarded several times to the same user.
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After Bounty, my question did not get a satisfactory answer. What next? [duplicate]

I am really confused about this. My question didn't get much attention even after offering the bounty. What will happen to my bounty now? Will I be getting it back or is there any way to increase its ...
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Can people fool other with bounties? [duplicate]

I know bounties on questions help in getting answers. But it is also possible that some people award bounties to get perfect answers but after getting the answer they do not accept it. Has this ...
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SO points changed (+50) for no reason [duplicate]

My rep on SO went up by 50 just after the site was offline. It says that I get +50 for the question Object Technolgy / Object-Oriented Technology implemented in Relational Databases (deleted, 10K ...
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How can I add a bounty to a question? [duplicate]

I can't seem to add a bounty to one of my questions on SO - what are the rules governing adding bounties?
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Any way to attract attention to a good answer? [duplicate]

For questions, you can attract attention by offering a bounty. Now let's say you worked hard and offered what you feel is a very good answer (possibly a lot better than the currently accepted answer) ...
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