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FAQ for Stack Exchange sites

Community FAQ For sites in the Stack Exchange 2.0 network To see a list of commonly used words and phrases, see the glossary. For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. Asking ...
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How should we handle questions that have been reposted after being deleted due to one downvote + SE's automated process to remove questions?

How should we handle questions that: have been reposted after being deleted due to one downvote + Stack Exchange's automated process to remove questions? received no comments (or all comments were ...
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How can I assign a bounty and the "accepted answer" checkmark to more than two equally good answers?

I posted a question and added a 100 point bounty. I got (so far) three equally great answers. Each of the answers approached the problem from a different angle. All three answers are independent. All ...
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How can I effectively assist a novice programmer with a bounty question?

Asking on Meta Stack Exchange has to do with effectively assisting a user who has posted a bounty on a question. Preface I'm currently interacting with a user who seems to have copied a project from ...
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Allow high-reputation users or topic experts to "endorse" answers posted by other users

The problem I am a Physics Stack user and I made a feature request that I was told would be a better fit for the mother meta site. I am a user who primarily answers way more than I ask. In short, the ...
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What is serial voting and how does it affect me?

I just noticed that I lost a bunch of points from my reputation score, and I used the "reputation" tab on my user profile page to try and track down the cause. During my investigation, I noticed ...
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Make it clear in the bounty dialog that it's not possible to reward your own answer

When a user sets a bounty on a question, the system doesn't allow them to reward their own answer: Can I award a bounty to my own answer? No. This used to be possible, but it has been disabled. The +...
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Do we receive notifications about new answers posted for a question on which I started bounty? [duplicate]

I started a bounty on a question. After I started the bounty, some answers were posted and I received notifications about these answers. P.S. I didn't follow the bounty question. Is receiving ...
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How does "Reputation" work?

On Stack Exchange, users may gain a certain level of reputation. What does reputation do? How can a user gain or lose reputation? See also: What is reputation? How do I earn (and lose) it? in the ...
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How does accepting an answer work?

What does it mean to accept an answer? How do I accept an answer, and what are the rules? Can I accept my own self-answer? What are the reputation benefits? Which answer should I accept? Should I ...
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Should ongoing support be rewarded with additional upvotes?

I direct your attention to this answer which has been sustained and updated over time. Reading through the answer shows how times change and improvements warrant readdressing questions and answers. ...
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Recent Reputation History Changes

Update (March, 2012): This has been rolled out to all sites in the network except Area 51. Behind the scenes we've been hard at work making some changes to how we track reputation. Here are some of ...
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Is there a way to require an expert eye on a complex question

It is a question about complexity (the computer science term). And I'd really like to have an expert look at the question and the 2 voted answers. The question has been there for a while (2 days), so ...
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Come Take a Look at our New Contributor Indicator!

This feature is now live across the network. We've been doing quite a bit of research into ways that we could help new users have better experiences that ultimately lead them to becoming increasingly ...
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A grace period of one day to award the bounty after expiration (without remaining featured, of course)

Since Can bounties be awarded after expiration? concluded that this is not intended behaviour, I propose a period of 24 hours after the bounty has expired during which the question will not be on the ...

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