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What should I do if I make a typo in my bounty text? [duplicate]

I know I can't edit it myself (there is a feature request to enable this). I just raised a custom moderator flag with an explanation and the replacement bounty text, but I don't want to waste their ...
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What is the different between "start a bounty" vs "question eligible for bounty in 2 days"? [duplicate]

After asking a question, a link like this is shown beneath it: question eligible for bounty in 2 days What is the difference between start a bounty and question eligible for bounty in 2 days?
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Can I offer a bounty to a community wiki answer? [duplicate]

I read What are "Community Wiki" posts? but it's still not clear to me if I can offer a bounty to a community wiki answer?
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Unsatisfactory Answer to Question [duplicate]

This question is inspired (in part) by this question: sub appsettings in the appsetting node c# This question was asked several months ago by a different user. Currently I'm looking for an answer to ...
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Who will get the bounty amount? [duplicate]

Bounty faq says that if owner of bounty does not give bounty to any answer in 7 days half of bounty amount will be given to highest voted answer. But what if two answers have same number of vote and ...
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Can a single answer receive multiple bounties? [duplicate]

I know already that multiple bounties can be started on the same question (albeit not concurrently); but, can multiple bounties be awarded to the same answer? For example: can I start a bounty ...
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Is it the inflation? [duplicate]

I offered a bounty (50 rep) on my question and it expired. It still haven't got the attention I need for it to change something so I wanted to add another 50 rep to try and get an answer. Now I ...
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How will we get back our reputation when we set the bounty and we find answer by our self [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How does the bounty system work? I have set a bounty for the question and I have find the answer by myself, so how can I get my reputation back
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Why didn't this answer receive a bounty? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: A grace period of one day to award the bounty after expiration (without remaining featured, of course) How does the bounty system work? This answer is the highest rated ...
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I want my baby back bounty or my bounty back baby [duplicate]

So I put a bounty on something. Then I figured it out. Can I just wait the next 7 days for it to expire and then get my points back? Is there any way to salvage them? Please, people, I'm desperate for ...
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how to award a bounty(+50) instantly [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How does the bounty system work? I want to award +50 for the user who answered my question. Do I need to start a bounty and after 24 hours offer it? Or can I just offer +50 ...
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Why did I only get 275 rep on an accepted bounty of 500? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How does the bounty system work? On this StackOverflow question: facebook: why I can't send email from app to user? my answer was accepted and awarded a bounty. The ...
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Why was I not given the bounty for this question? [duplicate]

I answered this question: WinJS getPrincipalNameAsync but I did not get the bounty for it. Now Is there a way to understand why? Following those 3 point for an eligible answer: The answer must ...
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How come I didn't receive the bounty? [duplicate]

I have answered a bounty question on Stack Overflow, but I did not received any bounty and I don't know why. From What is a bounty? How can I start one? I understand that If I have an answer with 2 ...
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How do I get my bounty points back? [duplicate]

I recently posted a question that our team was unable to resolve and assigned 100 points as a "bounty". Unfortunately no one was able to answer that question and we only got one comment that was of no ...
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